Janset Shares Her New Single “Oh Yes!”

Bilingual artist Janset returns to the scene with her latest offering “Oh Yes!” She blends her British-Turkish dual cultures for an energetic and animated track that fans alike will enjoy.

On the song, Janset shared, “I wanted to write a song about attracting good things in difficult times, and semi-highlighting that perception changes everything, therefore if we want to change our reality, we’ve got to first change our thoughts. A feel-good mantra of a song, which I hope would uplift people’s spirits. I was curious as to what makes other people shout ‘OH YES!’ too. As for me it was a moment when things started to make sense… like a ‘ah-a’ moment creatively. When you believe in yourself… things fall into place.”

“Oh Yes!” was created by the artist as a reminder to stay optimistic through the thick and then the lyrics see her returning to the optimistic Turkish phrase, “Tabii Ki De Gelecek,” which translates as “Of course it will become real.” Give the song a listen below.

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