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Jadyn Hailey Talks Wellness, Skincare Must-Haves, and More

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Jadyn Hailey Temp Photo

At just 20-years-old, Jadyn Hailey is more than just a familiar face on your social media feeds. Based in sunny Los Angeles, she rose to popularity on Instagram and TikTok by charming her audience with curated insights into wellness, fashion, and beauty.

Jadyn’s foray into influencing evidently wasn’t an accident. It’s the result of an evolving journey toward self-empowerment. During high school, she dealt with challenges like bullying, which led the content creator to reevaluate her self-worth. Those trials birthed an impassioned advocate for wellness and self-love, which is perhaps what makes Jadyn so relatable to her audience. She isn’t just another social media persona, but rather an approachable advocate for authenticity in a digital era often criticized for its veneer of perfection.

However, her podcast “Busy, Yet Pretty” has recently stolen the limelight. Launched earlier in 2022, the series is an inviting space where Jadyn unpacks a smorgasbord of topics—from self-love to the latest fashion trends—connecting on a deeper level with her growing community of listeners. Naturally, beauty and skincare found a way to seep into her everyday life, including face masks, pimple patches, and everything in between.

Although content creation is her bread and butter, Jadyn is hardly complacent. In the pipeline are community-focused events for her podcast, offering fans a chance to connect in person. Even more ambitious, she also has her sights set on a clothing line slated for a 2024 or 2025 launch. Whatever her next move, it promises to be an extension of her core mission: inspiring others to achieve their personal best.

We sat down with Jadyn Hailey to talk about her rapidly evolving career, her perspective on the changing beauty industry, and what to expect from her next.

Let’s start at the beginning. What’s your backstory, and when did you first discover your passion for lifestyle and wellness?

Where do I begin! As for my passion for wellness and lifestyle, it stemmed from personal experience. Throughout middle school and early high school, I never knew the value of self-worth and confidence, as I had been experiencing bullying daily at school. Later in high school, I began my self-love journey where it absolutely changed my life. From prioritizing self-care activities to tapping into my feminine energy with beauty products, pilates and truly embracing me. 

Social media is a crowded space. What made you decide to get out there and share your love for beauty, lifestyle, and fashion? 

Social media is definitely a crowded space, but so is everything else. Even if there are millions of users and creators per platform, there is only one of me and one of you. We forget that staying authentic and true to ourselves will allow us to share our own personal story and reach an audience who is able to truly relate to your content. Seeing how much my love for wellness, self-love, and fashion truly impacted my life in such a positive way, really motivated me to take action and share that with others.

Whether I share my favorite beauty products, wellness routines, or go-to purses, I always prioritize my content as a way of connecting with my audience rather than a one-sided street. Communication and connection are oftentimes left out, yet creators sometimes forget the main purpose behind our platforms is to share and inspire one another. 

Especially on TikTok, you’ve been real about your beauty routine, the good and the bad — how has your journey redefined the definition of “beauty” for you?

I actively try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to everything I share, especially beauty routines. I am someone who shamelessly takes the extra step in my beauty routine, investing a few hours a week in self-care to feel my best. If you see me with a breakout, you’ll never catch me crying and wishing it goes away. I’d most likely have a deep clean face mask on, LED light therapy mask, and pink pimple patches on my face as I affirm clear skin. That being said, I love to share how beauty is not just physical appearance but internal beauty and the way we handle ourselves, such as confidence, advocacy, and providing for yourself.

With the sun out and about, skincare is key. What are your must-haves for the summer season?

Oh goodness, it definitely depends on the skin type. With that being said, general beauty products that should be in most everyone’s summer routines are a lightweight moisturizer, a nice SPF — blend down to your neck of course, retinol, and most of all… blotting sheets. It’s hot, save yourself from the excess oils and carry blotting sheets on you! Ice rolling and using a Gua Sha are essential as well, especially to depuff!

Switching gears to makeup, what essentials do you swear by for creating your signature look?

Personally, I prefer a clean and classy makeup look, leaning on the natural or no makeup look. I personally love a nice skin tint over foundation, which is perfect for light coverage, pairing with concealer, bronzer — love bronzer no matter the day, mascara, brow gel, liquid blush, and most importantly, curling the lashes! As much as I love full glam or colorful looks, I love a clean makeup look for everyday wear that feels classy yet lightweight.

Every queen needs her downtime. What does “me time” and self-love look like for you when you’re not online?

Me time definitely includes journaling and manifesting, which play a significant role in my life. Not only does it give me peace of mind and excite me about my future, but it’s stunning to see your manifestations unravel into reality! Along with journaling, I love to scroll on Pinterest and eat my favorite chickpea brownies (I promise, they are so good.)

Haircare’s a big deal, too — can you spill the tea on your wash day essentials?

Haircare is one of my favorite self-care activities! As much as the world loves collagen powder, I have found that drinking bone broth and eating meat has significantly improved my hair and nail growth + quality. Aside from collagen in food, I love using a rubber hair scrubber when washing my hair in the shower, followed by leave-in conditioners and a hair oil post-shower. A few of my favorite haircare brands are OUAI, Olaplex, Gisou, and Authentic Beauty Concept. 

Also, I’ve been tuning into your podcast, “Busy, Yet Pretty”! How do you feel about where you’re at now with it, and do you have any special plans moving forward?

The podcast is a project I hold dear to my heart that I am so lucky to have received such positive feedback on “Busy, Yet Pretty”, being a form of motivation and comfort to listeners. I am extremely satisfied with where the podcast is at the moment, and moving forward, I am planning on having more guests — specifically related to self-improvement, beauty, and fashion, which will be very exciting! I will be having LA-based, community events for the podcast as well, which will be a great way for the listeners to connect with one another in person! 

Beyond that, what else are you excited about in your career?

At the moment, I am very excited about building my platforms to reach more individuals who are looking to become the highest version of themselves. All of my content stems from a drive and passion to inspire others to love who they are and to create the life they desire. With connecting to my audience, I would love to have a US wellness tour! Lastly, I am in the process of business planning my clothing line, which will launch in 2024 or 2025!