Jade LeMac Main Press Photo

Published: November 6, 2023

Last Updated: November 5, 2023

Jade LeMac On Unveiling ‘Confessions,’ Her Aesthetics, And More

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Jade LeMac Main Press Photo

Canadian pop sensation Jade LeMac emerges into the spotlight again with the release of her sophomore EP Confessions. It serves as a sonic exploration that deepens the musician’s artistic repertoire following the success of her February debut, Constellations. This latest work reveals a darker, more sensuous side of the singer’s artistry, wrapped in the intense emotions that its title suggests.

Tracks like “Got Me Obsessed” and “Grapevines” not only serve as keystones to Confessions but also carved their niche among Jade’s fanbase by amassing over a million streams and critical acclaim. Such editorial praise underpins the emotional weight these tracks carry, as the musician’s lyrical introspection translates into resonant melodies that have struck a chord with listeners worldwide.

She explains, “The songs on Confessions are exactly that – a collection of songs that all carry some sort of intense feelings that have to make themselves known or just fess up to. It feels like a perfect follow-up to my last EP, Constellations, and is darker and more lustful. We had so much fun creating this EP, and I am so grateful and excited to share it with everyone.”

With the arrival of Confessions, the songstress not only cements her place in the current musical landscape but also assures her audience that this is merely the precursor to the greater feats she is bound to achieve. Below, we spoke to Jade LeMac about her musical sound, style, and putting the project together, among other topics.

Hey Jade! Congratulations on Confessions. What’s this EP about, and why did you choose that particular title?

Hey! This EP feels like a new chapter and version of myself. I feel like I’ve had so much growth in my songwriting, music and life in the last year that really shows in this EP. The first single, “Got Me Obsessed”, has a line that says, “I must confess”, and I felt like each song on the EP has a “confession” vibe to it, so it felt right to call it that. 

This is your first full-length project since February’s Constellations — what’s changed in the past couple of months, and what inspired the sound you have now?

I am still so young, but I am at that age where the change is so consistent, and it happens every month and even every day. Within the past 8 or 9 months, I’ve grown so much – I’ve travelled, met new people, played shows for the first time, experienced emotions on a completely different level than before and worked with new people. All these things have shaped and inspired these songs and how I write them. 

How have you approached the branding of your music? What do you want to portray both sonically and visually on the EP?

I think when it comes to my personality. I am bubbly and nice — which, in comparison to my music and brand, doesn’t feel like I would be (haha). I’m a songwriter first — so it’s fun to write music that has a narrative and a darker side and use my music and branding to explore these areas and have some fun. I worked with Zac Vague, a creative director in Vancouver, on this EP, who really helped bring my ideas and visuals to life. 

Of the previously unheard songs, “Steal My Skin” is undoubtedly one of my favorites. Can you tell us more about the record?

This song is also one of my favourites! I actually had the title of this song written in my notes for a long time, so when it was finally time to write this song, I started with the title and worked my way down. I revisited a time in my life when it felt like my selflessness was being taken advantage of, and it got to the point where it felt like I had nothing left to give. It’s a pretty vulnerable song that I hold close to my heart. I hope that people CAN’T relate, but if they do, I really hope they know they’re not alone! 

Whether it be songwriting or actually putting the release out, were there any moments or things that took you by surprise?

“You’re Not A God” and “Last Day On Earth” sounded totally different at the final production versus where we started from. We actually completely changed the entire production of both songs – so this was a surprise for sure, but I loved how they both turned out.

You’re not only serving bops but also some very strong looks. How would you describe your style?

I think my style is a hybrid of masculine and feminine. It changes every day! It’s definitely not super colourful, and it’s very dark, but it totally flows with my music. If my music was a style, it would be my outfits. I also clearly have a thing for button-ups and ties, haha. 

Music aside, the year is coming to a close soon. What do you typically like to do during the holiday season?

This is my favourite question ever. I love to eat all the holiday foods except for turkey (I don’t like turkey), and I love to spend time with my family and do all our fun traditions like wearing onesies – my whole family does this! But really, just spending time with family is the best part. And watching Christmas movies. Obviously. And hopefully, we have a white Christmas.