Published: January 4, 2021

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

Its2Ezzy Breaks Down Records With Lil Durk, Smoove’L, & More

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21-year-old producer Its2Ezzy is making strides in the music industry. He’s been producing for a bit over two years and is the beatmaker behind several of today’s fascinating artists. The North Carolina-native is making major tides within the music industry, stamping songs alike with his tag “2ezzy on some other shit!”  

Alongside working with some mainstream acts, Its2Ezzy is an underground producer king. Over the years, he’s worked with SoundCloud artists such as Lil Tecca, Ty Fontaine, and Ronsocold amongst others. 2021 is poised to be Its2Ezzy’s greatest year thus far with many more to come.

Today, Its2Ezzy stops by Raydar Magazine to break down his record placements on Lil Durk’s “Refugee,” YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s “AI Nash,” and more. Check it out below.

Lil Durk – “Refugee”

“The way this whole thing happened was surprising because my boy John Lam hit me up and was straightforward about what Durk was looking for. John Lam and I have a great work ethic with one another he always tells me I’m the melody guy when it comes to him needing something for Durk. Everything leading up to this beat was all premeditated, he’s an OTF producer meaning he works with Durk very closely so it wasn’t hard to find out what Durk wanted.

The next day I get a call from Lam like ‘Bro, we got one on the album’ and I’m like ‘Yessir,’ then a month later ‘Refugee’ drops. it’s one of my favorite songs by Durk and I’m happy I was a part of something big like this especially at the end of the year.”

Smoove’L – “Rounds”

“This one came out of nowhere actually I remember me and Ferno Spazzin made the melody earlier this year. This melody has a lot of life in it, I already heard who should be doing the drums so I sent it to Makurmula. We have a great relationship; that’s the first producer I’ve never had to ask for collabs back. I’d send 30 melodies and I’ll get all 30 back made in full beats the same day.

It’s amazing, but later this year the beat was put up on a beat selling site called Beatstars and Smoove’L had purchased it from there we found out we made his tape. This beat was special because it’s a genre-bending beat with a really really different sound for a drill rapper like Smoove’L. “

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – “AI Nash”

“The story behind this is wild. I use to send out melodies in 2018 to producers to collab with so one day I made a melody kit and I’ve sent it to only three producers at the time and BJBeatz was one of them. He works very closely with YoungBoy so shoutout to BJ for making this happen. The funny thing is that me and my bro Sportvvs were talking to each other a day before the Lyrical Lemonade video had dropped and we were like ‘Bro what if Cole Bennett and Youngboy post a video.’ The next day I’m scrolling on Instagram and I saw YoungBoy in a Lyrical Lemonade video.

So I press on the video and it sounded very similar I’m like hold on ‘this sounds like my melody.’ I went to my computer to make sure and I found the melody so I hit up BJ because the beat was very old. We got everything handled and everything was great from there on. This song really did it for me as starting to make a name for myself as a producer.”

XanMan – “Paris”

“This song happened when I use to send weekly melodies out to producers to use and make beats with. I had sent it to Killnashi and a few months later he hit me up and told me we had got one with Xanman. At the time, I didn’t know who Xanman was so I looked him up and I’m like this dude flow is weird but its fire at the same time. This song is a lot of people’s favorite because Xanman is used to aggressive DMV sounding music and the ‘Paris’ track he is singing so that probably had something to do with making it a favorite of a lot of people. “

SoFaygo – “Elite”

“Everybody in the underground scene knows who Faygo is. We’re in a group called WEB; it’s just eight of us helping each other go up. A lot of people have their own thing going on so we just help one another make the best out of every situation they get put in and we put each other on.

One day Faygo came to us and said he needed me and Y2tnb to make something so we had started to cook up and ‘Elite’ was one of the ten beats we made. He ended up using it then one day Faygo had posted a snippet of it and everybody went crazy. Me personally, I don’t even like the song that much but his fans loved it so it was whatever.”

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