Introducing: TheLilFairy, From Fairytale To Real Life

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TheLilFairy is a rising, multitalented artist from Brooklyn, NY. She was given the name after dying her hair half pink and half green, referencing the Nickelodeon animated series Fairly OddParents. Growing up, Fairy remembers listening to her mother’s music and answering musical pop quizzes, “my mom loves music so, growing up, she would be sure to randomly quiz us on whatever song she had playing on the stereo or TV.”

As seen in her music, TheLilFairy channels between slow, sad raps to upbeat melodic trap and cites Kid Cudi, Lil Uzi, and Young Thug as influences. In 2019, she unvieled her debut project and has gradually been building a formidable catalog over the course of the past years. She describes music as an emotional outlet for her to put her former experiences and feelings into. Songs such as “Numb” and “Sweet Tooth” epitomize this mantra.

In our recent interview, the Bushwick-native discussed her favorite artists of all time, biggest learning moment in the music industry, and her future amongst other topics. Read the brief interview below.

For anyone who is not familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

It’s hard to put my sound in a box, I can go from sad ass shit to turnt in a second. My sound is definitely just that, my sound.

You’re originally from Brooklyn, what influence did it have on your creativity?

Being from Brooklyn has definitely had an influence on me whether it’s the way I talk and say certain things, the way I dress, or the kind of music I make. One thing about people from Brooklyn, you know them when you see or hear them.

Which artists have inspired you now and in the past?

Only to name a few, artists that I’ve been inspired by include J. Cole, Lil Uzi Vert, Kid Cudi, and Nicki Minaj for sure.

What is your recording process like in the studio?

That’s something you definitely have to witness for yourself. When I’m recording depending on my mood and the setting, I can be quiet as hell until I get in the booth or hella turnt talking my shit in and out the booth.

As a woman in hip-hop, what has been the biggest learning moment for you so far?

The biggest learning moment for me would have to be realizing how sexualized women are in the industry and deciding when I want to display my sexuality and when I don’t.

Outside of music, you’re very passionate about doing nails—where do you see that going in the coming years?

I have big plans for The Nail Fairy Shop. I currently rent a private suite, but I hope to one day own a whole salon chain as well as nail schools.

What can fans expect from you this year?

This year, the fairies should expect the unexpected. Just know I’m working on a project that may or may not be 15 to 20 tracks.

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