Introducing: Singer-Songwriter Devin Tracy

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Fast-rising artist Devin Tracy is a relative newcomer—or so it may seem. The singer and songwriter has been putting out music for the past few years, rapidly building a formidable catalog and loyal fanbase.

Born and raised in Florida, Devin Tracy moved to New York some years after graduating high school where he would pursue his music career. Since his 2017 debut, the talented artist has not only honed his craft, but his tunes appeared in HBO and Netflix amongst others. Earlier this month, Devin shared his new single and visual “EASY,” which serves as a preview of his future endeavours and full-length project.

In our recent conversation, we spoke with Devin Tracy about gravitating towards music, dream collaborations, and his forthcoming releases. Read it below and stay tuned to the fascinating musician.

For those who are unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe Devin Tracy to a newcomer?

I would describe myself as an easy-going type of guy. Very calm, but spontaneous. Can be crazy at times but you probably would never see that side.  It also shows in my music what type of person I am. I’ve been told that my speaking alone is therapeutic. I guess you can say I’m just really chill haha

How did you initially gravitate to becoming an artist? If not music, where do you think you would be right now in life?

When I was in first grade I use to sing in class all the time and get in trouble. I also got teased for my singing voice but I loved the way it made me feel so I didn’t care. My favorite song to sing was Minnie Riperton “Lovin’ You.” I don’t know why that was my go-to song, maybe that’s why I got teased a lot but who knows.

As I got older I wanted people to feel what I felt when I sang these songs, the emotion and the feeling you get when you’re in love or have a crush on someone, or when you get your heart broken and it feels as though nobody understands but I wanted to be the one to say “I understand.” When I was in middle school I wanted to pursue that dream of becoming an artist. So I started writing a lot and studying poetry to help articulate my words. If I wasn’t doing music. Honestly I would probably be a designer or work be in the military. I would’ve joined the Air Force or Army.

2020 was arguably one of the weirdest years to navigate through, what was one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned amidst the pandemic?  

The biggest lesson I’ve learned was to focus more on myself. Love myself and learn to give myself grace. The year before I was going through a breakup and I kind of lost it a bit. But 2020 forced me to sit with “me” and clean up a lot of what I’ve been neglecting within myself. I think we all did that last year it was a struggle. Later in the year, I started to hear myself again and doors just started to open.

A song you worked on, “Out My Way / Around You,” was sampled on Bryson Tiller’s 2020 album ANNIVERSARY–what was your initial reaction and how did that moment feel?

When I heard I was gonna be apart of the sample I was in my apartment here in LA and I legit paused for like two minutes and then started twerking upside down… Nah I’m kidding I was standing up doing that. It felt really cool and at that moment I told myself, “Devin you deserved that shit.” I never would’ve thought that it would happen so soon but it felt good.

Do you have any dream collaborations or artists you wish to work with in the future?

Oh wow! I would love to work with Lianne La Havas. Her writing, Her style, her attitude towards music is beautiful. Just Lianne in general. Her music makes me feel good. I’d also love to work with Alfa Mist, Tom Misch, Taylor McFerrin, Robert Glasper, KAYTRANADA, Sampha, Jazmine Sullivan, my girl KIRBY. If I can can create sometime with at least two of the people I named I would be good.

In regards to R&B as a whole, what do you think is missing in the genre?

I believe what’s missing is vulnerability, especially from Black male artists today. I thrive off emotion and understanding. For me, I wanna hear honesty. Maybe it’s me but I wanna hear the beggin’ and pleadin’ in R&B music. Like Carl Thomas, Joe, Babyface, Tyrese, Tank; the list canon. The female artist are killing the game right now when it comes to R&B. They’re doing it all.

Your new single and visual “EASY” is out now, what’s the inspiration behind that record?

“EASY,” is a record about being vulnerable but also letting your partner know that we can do this and we can make it work. In other words, I’m easy going I’m not difficult to deal with. When I wrote the record it was a letter to my ex hoping we don’t break up but a year after the record and video were recorded we broke up. It knocked the wind out of me but I learned a lesson.

People, places, and things have seasons. It’s ok if things don’t last, it’s ok if things change. I mean if you look outside during fall or winter things wither away and die nothing lasts forever.  I also learned that things are superficial and again it’s ok. “EASY” is such a calming record it makes me feel good too. 

It arrives ahead of your forthcoming EP, what can you tell us about that?

My next project is gonna be an album actually and I’m really excited. I can’t tell you the name yet but it is gonna be about a guy needing therapy but the music is therapeutic and going to help somebody get through whatever they’re going through. When you listen to the record you’ll be able to relate to a lot of what I’m saying. Some of what I was afraid to talk about and say I’m going to do it on this record. My writing has always been honest but I think this going to change the perspective of who you think Devin Tracy is. 

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