Introducing: Sarina, All Eyes Are On The Haitian Songstress

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Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, Sarina is a rapidly growing Haitian-American singer-songwriter and producer catching many ears. Fusings sounds of Pop and R&B, Sarina is carving her own musical lane one record at the time. She’s been creating music of her own since the age of four, sparking an interest in piano by the age of 13. Growing up immersed in Haitian culture Sarina is heavily influenced by the sounds and tempos used in Haitian music.

In 2016, she began to produce and record her own songs leading up to the release of her 2019 debut single in 2019 “10/10.” The track paved the way for two stellar projects, Come to the Light and Glass Paradise. Both explore different genres from R&B to Afro-Caribbean music. With 2020 in the rearview, Sarina has begun releasing new music with “Worst Day” being her first visual release of the new year.

The versatility in Sarina’s ability to make music is the reason why fans from all over the world can connect to her music and message. She is using her musical abilities to heal others in a way that most would find unimaginable. The songstress is sure to make major strides in the music industry in the coming years, poised to become a Pop star.

In our recent interview with the soulful songstress, we spoke with Sarina about her Haitian upbringing, her journey of self-discovery, and new music amongst other topics. Read the full interview below.

How has growing up in a Haitian household influenced your versatile music style?

Being Haitian is truly a blessing because I feel like that is where my love for music stems from. My dad loves Kompa music and Zouk which are two styles of music that are very popular in Haïti. I am always inspired by the rhythms and sounds used in both styles and I try to find ways to incorporate them into my music but still make it my own. 

Which musicians did you grow up listening to and how have they influenced your unique sound?

Growing up, I was either listening to Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, or Celine Dion. Through middle school and high school, my favorites were Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande. I believe that listening to powerhouse artists such as those just influenced me to explore different sounds and not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone creatively. 

Can you talk a bit about how you got your start in the music industry?

Honestly, I still feel like I am trying to make my way into the industry. But I officially decided to become an artist in 2017. I released my first song, ironically called “Begin” on SoundCloud and the response from that is what confirmed to me and gave me the confidence to know that I really can be an artist and do this for a living. 

You’ve already reached incredible success at such a young age. Do you ever feel pressured to establish yourself in the industry, or are you taking more of a fluid approach?

I am definitely taking more of a fluid approach with my music. I try to do what feels right to me. I truly feel blessed that there are people out there who want to hear my music and who love it. 

What motivates you to write your own music?

I think the motivation comes from wanting to be heard. I am not that great with my words and my music serves as a way for me to speak my mind freely without feeling scared to say what I actually mean. 

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments to date?

Reaching a million streams on my debut EP Come to the Light was truly an amazing moment for me. I honestly thought that no one would listen because as soon as I released it the pandemic hit but God showed me otherwise and I am so thankful to everyone who listened and continues to listen. 

Can you share with us what we can expect from you in 2021?

For 2021, I definitely plan to release more visuals as well as possibly a new EP.

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