Introducing: Loie

Born and raised in South London, Loie is a fresh face to the music industry who offers mellow, R&B-infused tunes for fans alike to enjoy. The 22-year-old does everything from playing instruments such as guitar and piano to singing and songwriting. Loie’s unique upbringing, as well as heritage, play a major role in molding her into the beloved songstress she is becoming.

This year, Loie unveiled her debut single to the world aptly titled “Take You There.” Created amid lockdown, the Kadiata-produced song is one of many to come from the songstress as she delves into love, womanhood, and self-love in her music. “Pocket World,” which serves as her second song of 2021, is a melodic record that finds Loie singing of a utopian dream world. “Everything sparkles more brightly and nothing can seemingly go wrong,” she shares. “Inspired by the way you see the world when you have your shades on, how everything is tinted golden and can slightly change your perception of your surroundings.”

Loie stopped by to chat about her South London upbringing, releasing her first string of singles this year, and her songwriting process amongst other things. Check it out below!

Loie during “Pocket World” BTS.

How has growing up in South London influenced the way you see the world and how you create music?

That’s such a nice question. I think definitely my environment influences my music so much. Where I was brought up is super multicultural and a lot of mixed backgrounds. I think there’s a lot of elements in there, especially living in Brixton where there’s always something going on.

Who are some artists that you looked up to growing up and still inspire you to this day?

I grew up in the sort of late 90s so my parents introduced me to a lot of music. My mom is a dancer so she has a broad music collection and we have stacks of CDs. We’d listen to everyone from Stephanie to Missy Elliot, there’s so many. Gorillaz, I love them so much.

Some music has come out recently that I really like. There was definitely a pause of it during lockdown because I was struggling to find music that I really vibe with. But, I love just R&B and Soul fusions and anything like that. I love Cleo Sol, she’s from London as well but her music is just crazy.

You put out “Take You There” earlier this year, what was your experience putting that out for the first time?

I think there was some Soul in there. I think the new stuff that I’m creating is way more live-sounding. I love my singles so much but they’re definitely a collaborative effort. With “Take You There,” it was really fun with Kadiata. I think we finished the song in one session and it was really one of the first songs being introduced to new producers. I was just that excited to be in the studio and make music with people.

Loie during “Pocket World” BTS.

What’s your songwriting process like? Who or what are your main inspirations?

So it depends! I think I’ve always written at home, using a guitar or piano to write with. The stuff that I create at home is the most vulnerable state you’ll get me in. It’s so different when I’m in the studio with another person, I can write about anything. I’ll come up with a concept in my head and go with that and make a story around it. When I’m at home, it’s kind of my story if that makes sense. It just feels more personal to get in my feels.

My music is inspired by anything really. Sometimes things happening in my life or strong emotions. I might write about love like everyone does, just sort of what’s happening in my life.

Does your Chinese and Trinidadian heritage ever play a part in the way you create?

Probably! I think maybe I’m a bit of a free spirit in a way. It’s me in it!

Your newest single, “Pocket World,” is obviously out now as well—tell me a bit about it.

So I got introduced to this girl named Meron T and we were like “yeah, we got to get in the studio and write something.” The producer, Dropped Milk, came down and obviously, this was during the pandemic so we wrote about something that was not from this planet. We wrote something so utopian and the perfect world that would take you somewhere else. It’s literally that, it gives me a little skip in my step and makes me happy.

In regards to your music, what type of impact do you want to leave on your listeners?

I don’t know! With my music, some of it is sort of deep. There’s no one feeling that I want people to feel if I’m getting my message across. Just more of me, it’s so much a part of me and I’ve written music literally since I could speak. I couldn’t imagine my life without so we’ll have to see. I just start releasing music this year so I have a long long journey ahead of me.

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