Introducing: Lauren Cofie, London’s Sultry R&B Singer

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Lauren Cofie is one of the music industry’s must-watch rising songstresses. Born to a Scottish mother and Ghanaian father, the sultry Nottingham-raised artist was introduced to the wonders of music at an early age. Lauren possesses a unique sound that she describes as “that good old school, real R&B vibe”—her inspirations include 90s R&B queens such as Brandy, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and TLC.

A modern-day it girl in the flesh, Lauren Cofie puts no ceilings on her capabilities. After moving to London, she became active on the modelling circuit working with brands such as Puma and Pretty Little Thing amongst others. Furthermore, Lauren made her acting debut in the 2018 film, Intent 2, a British crime thriller filmed in Jamaica that features pop stars Ghetts and Popcaan.

In late-2019, Lauren Cofie unveiled her critically-acclaimed EP, On Repeat. The 5-track offering serves as a potent fusion of 80s Soul, 90’s R&B, and contemporary, soulful vibes. “I wrote songs about different situations I was in, from the lust stage to realizing certain things,” she says on the project. Since its, Lauren has unloaded acoustic reworks of standout cuts off of the project and steadily teasing new music as we shift into 2021.

In our latest interview, we chatted with Lauren Cofie about music, lessons learned, and new material. Check it out below!

For anyone unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

I definitely have that good old school, real R&B vibe going on. I do like to switch it up and try different genres as well and really strip it back with acoustics to let my vocal do the work. 

Having a Scottish mother and a Ghanian father, did their cultures ever impact you as an individual or musically?

Not quite musically, as I haven’t visited enough or listened to enough of their music, to be honest. Style-wise though, I love rocking Ghanaian print and African pieces. My dad’s side of the family is super musical and he used to play all the Erykah Badu, MJ, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Mary J Blidge, SWV, and Stevie Wonder a lot growing up, which I’d say first influenced my musical taste. My whole family are absolutely amazing and their support keeps me going.

Not only are you a singer-songwriter, but you’re a model and presenter—is there anything you can’t do, or anything else you want to venture into?

Can’t keep a man! I actually find a lot of things hard to concentrate on but once I’m super into something, I get hyper-focused, so I guess I pick and chose what I want to be good at. I also love to draw! I’ve ventured into playing the piano during the lockdown and have managed to put some covers out and also sketch some new songs, so I want to keep at it and perfect that for sure!

Which artists do you currently have in your playlist?

I really listen to loads of old school R&B mostly, but a few current artists in my playlist are definitely Snoh Aalegra, Burna Boy, Chris Brown, Ciara, and Jacquees—more now since opening for him beginning of 2020. 

Obviously, being in the industry for quite a bit of time, what’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned so far?

I’d definitely say, not to be too precious with holding on to music! As an artist, I’m such a perfectionist, that I’ll hold off releasing something, make new music, and then not wanting to put the older songs out haha. It would be such a regret to never put out anything for being too picky. That’s why right now, I’m trying to focus on consistency and just putting music out more freely. You just have to go for it and do things without overthinking, it’s better out than on my laptop.

What’s a fun fact that your fans may or may not know about you?

Hmm, ok some people might not be aware that I use to be in a girl group with my two sisters who are twins, one year older than me. Such good memories!

Last year, you put out your eagerly-awaited EP, On Repeat, where were you at in life when you released it?

On Repeat is a mixture of songs about falling in love, falling out of love, and starting all over again—on repeat. I wrote songs about different situations I was in, from the lust stage to realizing certain things, so you got a bit of me at each stage on this EP. The tracklist pic for On Repeat is me holding a hoody over my shoulder, representing us girls giving back them hoodies! Next… on repeat again. I’m quite sensitive when it comes to love and I’m very detail orientated, which brings you my music, so thanks guys lol

You have plans of releasing an EP next year, what can you tell us about that project?

I’m starting off with singles next year. I also have a few more acoustics and visuals ready to come out very soon. I’ve been writing loads during the lockdown and also been recording some Afrobeat type songs, which I’m in love with! I’m constantly creating and will release another full focused project in 2021, including all the work and material created this year, which I’m truly excited about. 

In terms of longevity, what are some of your long-term and short-term goals? 

Short term, I want to get some crazy collaborations for sure, get great on the piano, grow my fan base, and be performing as soon as the world opens up again!  Long term, I want to be the next superstar! Traveling the world performing, inspiring people, and writing for people too. Once I got to a level with the music, I’d love to keep on with the movies too!  I truly want to take over the world.

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