Introducing: Dylan And Dakota, The Inseparable Baddies

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Born in Kansas by way of Idaho, fast-rising femcees Dylan and Dakota are the modern-day it girls of sports, social media, and now music. From college basketball careers to amassing over 3 million follows across social media, they decide to bring their talent to the booth. In the past few years, the Las Vegas-based twins quietly built a formidable catalog for fans alike.

Inspired by legacy acts like Ciara and TLC, as well as today’s latest and greats such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Drake, Dylan and Dakota are carving their own lane with a sound irresistible to today’s generation. Their label debut “Baddie” arrived earlier this year, fusing Pop hooks with R&B swagger.

In regards to the song, Dylan and Dakota stated, “We’re huge advocates for self-love and want to empower. It’s a concept that’s free for anybody to define though. The universal rule of being a baddie is you have to make yourself feel good and experience the most joy.”

In our latest interview, Dylan and Dakota delve into their upbringings, rise to fame, and their forthcoming self-titled EP, Dylan and Dakota, amongst other things. Check it out below.

What have you all been up to? How has this year been for the two of you so far?

Dakota: It’s been a blessing in disguise, but just as it is for everybody, I think it’s been challenging in so many ways and personally rewarding fortunately for us.

Dylan: I would say this has been the biggest year of overcoming ever.

If you two were to describe each other, what would you say?

Dakota: Basically, I would say Dylan is first and foremost, she is someone about the stats and the facts. She’s very numbers-oriented, but she’s so diligent and when she puts her mind to something, it’s kind of like get out the way because she’s going for it. That’s Dylan in a nutshell!

Dylan: If I were to describe Dakota, I would say that she is like the center of attention without trying to be. Becuase everyone just gravitates to her energy because she’s always trying to show love and make them feel good ’cause that’s what makes her feel good. It’s almost like a beautiful guilty pleasure. She’s just super loving and has an energy that is magnetic as hell.

Obviously, the two of you have taken over social media, gymnastics, sports, and now music. Is there anything you can’t do?

Dakota: I’m going to be honest, not really. Although, there are things that I won’t do. But I never say never at the same time!

Dylan: I think that for Dakota and I, we try to not limit ourselves. Just in the human experience as we figure ourselves out individually, you kind of navigate your own boundaries for yourself. Whatever we put our minds to, we feel like we can do!

So what sparked the inspiration for you two to transition into music?

Dylan: I believe that we’ve just always been drawn to music and just happen to be very very creative people who were good at sports and grew up in a family that ran their households in the disciplined fashion that sports symbolized. So I feel like when it comes to music and being inspired to do it, it was just something that brought us joy. Some of my favorite memories were always interconnected with music somehow.

Dakota: Just to be honest, we had the most fun as kids. There was always music in our household and our mom was always decorating the house with Martha Stewart in the background. That was just the vibe in our household as kids. We would just go around listening to just everything from “Jingle Bells” to Boyz To Men to “The Little Mermaid.” This was the culture of our household so music was love to us. In every trying time in our life, music was there for us.

“Baddie” is the first of many singles, how did it feel to finally put it out?

Dylan: It has been a surreal experience to be honest with you. We’re the type of people who really push ourselves and we’re constantly on go so sometimes it’s hard to stop and appreciate moments that are really special. But with this single, we’ve been really trying to do just that on top of getting work down.

Dakota: Like Dylan said, when you just put your nose to the ground and grind and then all of a sudden you look up and say hold on, let me take a step back. When we had that moment of “we’re really leading up to release ‘Baddie’,” we were like this is it. Surreal is just the best word I can think of right now!

You two appeared in Pop Smoke’s “Mood Swings” video back in August, what was that experience like?

Dylan: It was honestly like the point in the Disney movie where the princess becomes the princess.

Dakota: For me, it felt like that moment where you finally got to have that glow up where you worked so hard for this and it’s finally happening for you. In all that time you were doubtful, you still stayed obedient and discipline, when the stars aligned it was finally your time to shine.

Dylan: To be honest, that moment meant so much to us because of the experience we got to have with Pop Smoke when we first met in New York. I just remember us creating one of the most amazing songs in one night. The energy was so cool and he was thrown off because we were twins and he didn’t know. Honestly, there was no pressure of any kind and it felt so organic and chill.

Dakota: It was just a real authentic vibe and we don’t take those for granted because you don’t have those often.

You two also have an EP in the works, what can your fans expect to hear on there?

Dakota: I would say you can expect to be in your feelings with it, whatever that means to you. For me, when we made this, I was in every single feeling in every single song. Whether you want to get up and dance or chill and vibe, this is going to be that for you. I feel like this EP is going to hit a lot of dope pockets for people.

Dylan: I would definitely say this is a project that is going to bring you energy for any day. The EP is going to be good energy for the soul!

Do you have any dream collaborations?

Dakota: Too be honest, we were just talking about this the other day. There’s just so many so I try to keep it in the air sometimes. First and foremost, Drizzy Drake, you know what’s good! From there, I would honestly say Miss Mulatto because I’ve been listening to her music a lot lately. Anderson .Paak is dope also.

Dylan: Ariana Grande! She always just comes out and kills it. Every time I hear that Ariana Grande is about to drop something, I’m like campaigning. I don’t even know what to expect sometimes but I tell everybody to listen. A lot of women in the rap game are just killing!

Dakota: Who else did I say I wanted to make a track with again? The City Girls! Our mom’s new song is “Job” and we dedicated our group chat to her. There’s just so many dope artist out there. One thing I have to say though, one of the artists that we dreamed of collabing with is on our EP. Getting to work with The Dream was like a dream come true because he took us on such a creative journey and really challenged us. I felt like I was at artist boot camp when we went to Atlanta.

What motivational advice would you give to all the young ladies out there?

Dylan: Stay humble, but hungry. I think that one of the things that I really learned as a women was how to become a strategist. I don’t mean that in the kind of the way the culture is use to hearing, but for me personally it’s like let me really define what that means for me.

Dakota: I would say stay true to yourself and follow your intuition. I just firmly believe that we were given everything we need to succeed and achieve our greatest dreams and beyond. I had this conversation the other day around the word perfect. I said, “if I say I’m perfect does that offend you?” Because me saying I love all my imperfection, I look at the word imperfect and look at it like “I’m perfect.” So for me, it’s like we all have that within ourselves.

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