Intimates Label String Decor Celebrates Shape and Comfort

Instead of buying overpriced underwear that can oftentimes be discomforting, emerging intimates brand String Decor places affordability and comfort at the forefront of its ethos. Aiming to provide comfort without compromising style, the undergarments label is committed to creating seamless underwear that embraces self-love and confidence.

Founded by Katelyn Duffy, the newly launched underwear brand releases its first collection of fashionable and functional undergarments with the goal of incorporating seamless underwear into your everyday wear. String Decor arrives in three styles: the v-thong, seamless thong, and cheeky thong. The v-thong is a mid-rise to high-rise garment that can be worn high on the hips—making it a go-to for high-rise jeans and leggings—whereas the seamless thong has a slight upward curve that lays perfectly mid to high-rise on the hips. Furthermore, the cheeky thong possesses a backside cut that enhances natural curves. For now, String Decor’s offerings come in black, white, rose pink, and the infinitely versatile nude.

“It’s underwear for women created by women. My highest intention is for women to feel their absolute best and that is in regards to both comfort and style,” Duffy shares. Ranging in sizes XS to XL, String Decor’s debut collection is available for purchase on its website.

We had the pleasure of chatting with founder Katelyn about how String Decor came to be, affordable price points, and her long-time vision for the label. Check out our conversation below.

How did String Decor come to be and what was your inspiration for the brand’s design ethos? 

The inspiration behind String Decor began as a personal need for high-quality underwear with affordable pricing. The decision to provide seamless underwear specifically, is due to the comfort and zero visible panty lines it provides.  

Why is it important, especially as an underwear brand, to embrace style without compromising comfort? 

There has been a major shift in women’s expectations regarding comfort in their undergarments. Having worked in retail, and in lingerie specifically, women are placing comfort as their first priority when selecting products. My goal is to provide comfort while still maintaining the sleek feminine style that seamless underwear provides.  

How do you think millennials and even Gen-Z are approaching underwear differently than previous generations through collective consciousness and sustainability movements? 

While many brands are incorporating sustainability into their core values, we also happen to be in the age of ‘fast fashion’ where consumers have become accustomed to affordable pieces with less than stellar quality. What String Decor provides is an attractive price point with high-quality products. 

What’s your design process like? Where does the underwear label draw inspiration from for its designs? 

My design process begins with creating a piece that I would like to wear that is not currently in the market. The first design, the seamless thong, drew inspiration from the fact that I had never had a  comfortable g-string and certainly not a seamless one. I wanted to create a seamless g string that did not cut into the hips. By creating the thin band with a seamless finish, it provided comfort, hit high on the hips, and didn’t dig into the waistline which provided a  sleek silhouette.  

Can you walk us through the different kinds of silhouettes you have in your catalog and what they’re best for? 

The seamless thong is best for everyday wear. It works well under any article of clothing as there are zero visible panty lines. The thin seamless band is as comfortable as it gets in a  thong. The cheeky thong is best under flowing garments and denim in order to provide just a little bit more coverage. The V-thong is definitely best with loungewear. This high-rise design hits high on the hips to meet your high-waisted lounge attire.  

Do you have any tips when it comes to picking the right underwear? 

Seamless underwear would always be my suggestion when choosing undergarments. There are no restrictions to the types of garments you can wear or any worries of the dreaded visible panty line.  

Underwear has the ability to shift identity, change how we feel about ourselves, and even others. Where does String Decor fit into these ideas?

I always want to provide my customers the ability to not only feel good but look their best as well. When we feel good in what we are wearing, it definitely has a shift in our overall attitude for the day. That is why it is so important to continue to design high-quality products that truly put an emphasis on comfort and style. 

As the label continues to grow, what are some upcoming things that shoppers can look forward to? 

Shoppers can look forward to the upcoming everyday wear pieces that we are currently creating. These pieces are fuller coverage and are certainly geared towards comfort. We are greatly looking forward to providing traditional options that women have come to love in a  seamless finish.

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