Beauty Influencers Reveal Their Favori

12 Beauty Influencers Reveal Their Favorite Moisturizers

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Beauty Influencers Reveal Their Favori

In a world that constantly seeks the secret to radiant skin, moisturizers stand at the forefront of daily beauty routines. Each year, beauty enthusiasts and novices alike are inundated with new products, touting promises of hydration, anti-aging effects, and a healthy glow. Finding the perfect moisturizer can be a journey, and who better to guide us on this path than those who make beauty their life’s work?

Twelve beauty experts and content creators have decided to lift the veil on their most cherished skincare secrets. From drugstore gems to luxury brands, these influencers reveal their favorite moisturizers that have earned a coveted spot in their daily regimen. Their choices reflect not only the diversity in product preferences but also the individual needs and skin types they cater to.

The search for the ideal moisturizer doesn’t have to be a solitary quest. Whether you’re a curious newcomer or a seasoned beauty expert, these insights may lead you to discover the moisturizer that fits seamlessly into your skincare routine!

For those who are unfamiliar, can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m a pro makeup artist who uploads daily tutorials, tips, and tricks in a beginner-friendly way on Instagram and Tiktok. My goal is to use my seven years of beauty industry experience to guide the everyday person through the confusing world of beauty! 

What’s your skin type, and how do you take care of it?

I have what they love to call a “normal” skin type. Everyone’s skin is normal, but that means I’m fairly balanced with only a tiny bit of oil on my nose. However, my main skin concern is dehydration!

To take care of my skin, I do a pretty extensive night routine with multiple steps and try my best to squeeze in a morning routine (this is a work in progress). I also started getting facials from James Vivian every couple of months.

Are there any ingredients you try to avoid in skincare products? If so, which ones and why?

Honestly, not really! I’m not a huge fan of an overpowering floral fragrance, but I’m not anti-fragrance as long as it’s not offensive to my nose. 

What’s your favorite moisturizer, and why?

Currently, hands down, it has to be La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5+. I recently got back from overseas, and my skin went crazy coming back into the Melbourne winter. This reaction was picked up by my facialist, and she encouraged a very simple but hydrating routine that included this product.

Luckily for me, I was already a big fan and have since been using it daily in my nighttime routine, and my skin has never received more compliments. It’s one of the best multipurpose products to soothe dry, sensitive skin. Everyone needs one in their cupboard. 

It’s extremely versatile as well. Also, I have to shout out the Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask. This is marketed as a mask, but it can 100% be used as a normal moisturizer too. It’s one of my favorite options that is both lightweight and soothing. 

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5+
  • Affordable
  • Formulated for dry skin
  • Contains shea butter and glycerin
View at La Roche-Posay

For those who are unfamiliar, can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi! I’m Amelia, 35, and a lifelong lover of beauty. I started in the industry at 19, studying makeup artistry, and earned my diploma while working at Mecca. Over the years, I bounced between Mecca, MAC, then finally into education roles with skincare brand Murad and the iconic Anastasia Beverly Hills.

For the past few years, I’ve been a full-time content creator taking my love of beauty and education and sharing it online!

What’s your skin type?

My skin is combination and can get a little dehydrated if I don’t use products that nourish and hydrate.

Are there any ingredients you try to avoid in skincare products? If so, which ones and why?

At the moment, I’m not using salicylic acid or retinol because I’m pregnant, but generally, there aren’t any ingredients I have a hard line against. My skin is pretty tough, so I can use most products, and if anything, I just won’t use products that have no benefit to my skin e.g. blemish fighting products when I’m not breaking out, anti-shine products when I’m not oily, etc.

What’s your favorite moisturizer, and why?

I can’t pick one! There are so many I love. Here are my top two at the moment: Jurlique Moisturising Day Cream – on the other end of the spectrum, this cream is incredibly rich and nourishing. It goes on as a cream and melts into an oil, and I absolutely love it when my skin needs some TLC and mass amounts of moisture. I slather this on day and night in the colder months and when I fly.

Clinique Moisture Surge 100Hr – a staple in my routine. This gel cream is oil-free, lightweight, plumps and rehydrates while also fighting oiliness, sits so well under makeup, and works for all skin types.

Jurlique Skincare Moisture Replenishing Day Cream
  • Replenishing
  • Helps soften and restore skin
  • Contains natural ingredients
View at Jurlique

For those just joining us, could you tell us a little more about yourself? 

My name is Jenny, and I am an Instagram creator from the San Francisco Bay Area that loves all things skincare and beauty.

Could you share with us your skin type and how you keep it looking so radiant? 

I have an oily/sensitive skin type, and I notice the biggest difference in radiance when I am consistently double cleansing, wearing sunscreen, and using moisturizer. 

Do you have a skincare tip or trick that you think doesn’t get enough attention? 

A skincare tip that I wish I knew sooner is that oily skin still needs moisturizer. As an acne-prone teen, I used to steer clear of any and all moisturizers because I thought my skin didn’t need it. But moisturizer actually helps regulate oil production and is so important as skin ages as well. So don’t be afraid to use moisturizer and lots of it! 

What’s your favorite moisturizer, and why does it hold that spot? 

My favorite moisturizer at the moment is Cocokind’s Texture Smoothing Cream. It provides lightweight hydration while minimizing pores, improving skin texture, and minimizing shine. It’s affordable, gentle, suitable for all skin types, and a staple for my oily skin.

Cocokind Texture Smoothing Cream
  • Lightweight
  • Minimizes pores and fine lines
  • Fights against aging
View at Cocokind

For those who are just discovering you, could you tell us more about your skincare journey?

It started when I became a teenager. My mum used to use Clinique herself and got me a consultation at a department store, so I learned about cleansing, toning, and moisturizing before all my peers at school!

As I started paying for my own skincare, I looked for cheaper alternatives in Boots and eventually worked in the beauty department of Debenhams, where I discovered so many more skincare brands and experimented.

What’s your skin type, and how do you typically cater your routine to it?

My skin type has changed over the years, I used to be quite dry, but I’m now combination skin (oily around the nose!).

As a beauty content creator, I get sent a lot of skincare products to try, so I try to swap out one product at a time, but on a base level, I know Aveeno is safe if I react to anything or if I’m traveling and want to keep it minimal I use the Fenty Skin travel size because the products are multi-functional and suit my skin type with no reactions.

We all have that one moisturizer we can’t live without. Can you tell us about your go-to product and why it holds a special place in your heart?

I have to say the Clinique Moisture Surge has always been a staple since my teen years, and I like how it’s been revamped over the years for more intense hydration with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. I also recently discovered I can use it on top of makeup to rehydrate after powdering too much — a game changer!

Ingredient-wise, what do you typically look for?

Hyaluronic acid is a fairly safe ingredient for me, and I quite like niacinamide or products with fruit AHAs for gentle exfoliation. I’ve always been quite cautious with my skin and prefer more natural-based ingredients where I can help it.

Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator
  • Oil-free
  • Locks in moisture
  • Dewy glow
View at Clinique

For those who are new, could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

My name is Maeva, I’m a 33-year-old beauty influencer with a cosmetology and makeup artistry background. I’m super passionate about beauty, skincare and makeup. I just want to help people to feel confident in their skin, embrace their imperfections and understand what their needs are! 

Can you describe your skin type?

My skin type is combination, sensitive, and I’ve been diagnosed with Rosacea not too long ago. Putting a diagnosis on my skin’s redness and condition made me use products that I needed.

Are there any surprising skincare or moisturizer ingredients that work wonders for you?

Centella Asiatica is the number 1 ingredient I’m looking for. It’s anti-inflammatory, calms rednesses and soothes the skin. Most important, it promotes collagen production to give the skin elasticity to prevent wrinkles and replace dead skin cells. 

I mostly use it during my nighttime routine because I like this ingredient in a thick formula. Glazed donut is the PM look! 

Which moisturizer do you find yourself reaching for again and again, and why?

As rosacea-prone, I always go back to the Bioderma Sensibio Defensive Moisturizer, especially formulated for sensitive and reactive (aka red) skin. It’s formulated with Glycerin which is an amazing humectant, Mango seed butter to deeply moisturize the skin, and red sage roots to limit the hyper-reactivity of the skin.  

For example, after my workout, my redness is out of control, and I really need something to calm it down before putting on a full face of makeup and going on with my day. It’s not super fancy or luxurious, but it works amazingly and makes me feel so confident. I’m totally able to go out without makeup on! I think that your moisturizer should be the one item you must really focus on. It can really affect how your skin reacts to other products, whether it’s skincare or makeup.

Bioderma SENSIBIO Defensive
$31.99 ($246.08 / Fl Oz)
  • Strengthens the skin's moisture barrier
  • Formulated to soothe dry skin
View at Amazon
09/24/2023 10:04 pm GMT

For anyone new to your journey, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

To begin, my name is Emani Irvine. I’m a beauty creator and influencer and have been in this wonderful community for over four years. I’ve had a few viral looks and trends seen over social media, such as the rainbow stars, my asymmetrical looks, and the SZA “Kill Bill” transition trend, amongst others.

I create content that not only expresses my creative talents in makeup, from natural looks to full glam to spooky and scary, but I educate by sharing my experiences and techniques that I’ve learned through my makeup journey. I love to share looks that can inspire others to try makeup styles or colors out of their comfort zone that’s realistically achievable. 

Could you tell us about your skin type and how you nurture it?

While I have oily skin, I believe any and all skin types’ main goal in order to nurture their skin is to hydrate it. I’m talking about drinking water, using hydrating serums/moisturizers, and maintaining water retention by using an oil, or my favorite, the Cerave healing ointment, as the last step in their nighttime routine.

What is your skin’s best friend when it comes to ingredients in your skincare products?

I can’t really emphasize certain ingredients because formulation differs amongst products, so while I might love the hyaluronic acid formula from one brand, my skin might freak out with another brand’s version. But if I had to say one thing that I’ve used for years that my skin has never rejected, it’s the COSRX snail mucin essence.

Could you share about your all-time favorite moisturizer and why it won your heart?

To be honest, I have no moisturizer that I truly love, and it’s probably the one skincare product that I’m always changing in my routine because I’m never satisfied. However, I will tell you my other favorite skincare products. My favorite cleanser is the Elemis resurfacing facial wash, my toner is the LANEIGE cream skin, and serum would be the COSRX snail mucin essence.

Lastly, the most important product in my routine is sunscreen, as it should be for everyone, and Black Girl Sunscreen is absolutely top tier.

For those who might not know you yet, could you share a little about yourself?

Hello, fellow skincare lovers! My name is Alana, and I’m 25 years old. I’ve been an absolute skincare fanatic since I was about 12. I remember saving up for my first “big” skincare purchase of a $60 Korres eye cream when I was in middle school!

My gateway into the skincare world was, believe it or not, via hair care tutorials on Youtube! Back when I didn’t know how to manage my curly hair, I would watch video after video on hair care, which ultimately led me to other self-care content, eventually ending up in the skincare niche, and I’ve been absolutely hooked ever since.

When I’m not doing skincare or thinking about skincare or shopping for skincare haha, I enjoy riding my horse, reading, and spending time with my husband. 

Could you tell us about your skin type and how you nurture it?

My skin type is normal (it used to be oilier when I was younger). I don’t lean particularly dry or oily these days, but I am very acne prone. The way I take care of my skin is by listening to and paying attention to how it feels each day rather than approaching the types of products I pick and routines I do based on what a “normal” skin type might require.

How do you handle those days when your skin feels a little off?

What I used to do was go crazy with actives and exfoliating acids when my skin felt off( and I admit sometimes that is still tempting) but what I do when that happens now is really dial back my routine and take it back to basics. It feels counterproductive, but when my skin is acting up, the best thing to do is tone it back to a gentle cleanse, lightweight moisturizer, and SPF.

What’s your all-time favorite moisturizer, and why do you love it so much?

This is an impossible question!! I have so many favorites! But I have to say that Eucerin’s Redness Relief Night Cream is AMAZING. I discovered it in the winter of 2022, and I’ve not put it down since. Even if you don’t deal with redness, I recommend this product. It feels incredibly luxurious for the price point, and it melts gorgeously into the skin, leaving a super silky finish.

Eucerin Redness Relief Night Creme
$10.99 $10.39 ($6.11 / Ounce)
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Goes on smoothly
View at Amazon
09/24/2023 09:49 pm GMT

For those just getting to know you, what should they know?

I’m a licensed esthetician and totally obsessed with all things skincare! I love helping my friends and family with their skincare goals and meeting new people online who share the same passions.

What’s your skin type?

It is mostly normal, but I have redness and hormonal breakouts.

Moisturizers are a must! What’s your favorite one, and why does your skin adore it?

There are so many to choose from! But if I had to pick only one to use for the rest of my life, it would be Stratia Interface Moisturizer. It feels amazing on the skin and really helps my skin refresh overnight. Plus, it uses peptides which are a great ingredient for firm, healthy skin.

How do you pick skincare products that complement your skin’s needs?

I look for specific ingredients that will help me work towards my goals! When I have hormonal acne, I incorporate salicylic acid or lactic acid. When I know my skin is a bit more sensitive, I add in all the hydration and soothing ingredients: glycerin, Centella, and ceramides.

Stratia Interface
  • Barrier repair
  • Youth enhancing
  • Quick absorbing
View at Stratia

For those who might be new to your journey, could you tell us a bit about who you are?

I’m Minnie, a Sydney-based content creator- I’m a fan of all things accessible and affordable- even better if they bring a smile to my face. I roll around in the world of makeup and skincare, focusing on acne-prone skin-friendly products. SPF is a daily must, and I do my absolute best to encourage others to hop on the SPF train (are you on board yet?)

That being said, what’s your skin type?

Normal *but* acne-prone, in all the not-fun ways. I’ve had to navigate cystic acne flare-ups a few times now. Some would consider my skin having typical hormonal acne. I’m sensitive and reactive, too (as is my skin).

Whether it be from your own personal experience or learning from others, how do you handle skin breakouts or sudden skin issues?

Sudden skin issues? I become a detective. What have I changed? What have I introduced? Is it as simple as a new skincare product my skin didn’t agree with- have I *overused* an existing product that should have been used with more restraint (like an exfoliant or a vitamin A).

It also tells me it’s time to switch back to tried and true. The fewer steps, the better, too. Spot treatments are ideal, alongside supporting my skin barrier with a moisturizer I love.  My favorite spot treatments are Dermal Therapy’s Acne Spot Treatment, Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion, and MCoBeauty’s Pimple Patch.

Could you share your favorite moisturizer and why it’s a staple in your skincare routine?

Favourite is not only a big word, it’s hard for us Aussies to spell. I’ll settle on two that I adore and will make almost everyone happy. Avene’s Hydrance Gel Cream (typically) and First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Moisturiser (for winter! Or when I’m a little dry).

These are awesome- they don’t break me out, and they’re reliable. They’re deeply hydrating and have a finish that’s comfortable and not tight on the skin. The best part is they’re both easy to find where I shop. Moisturizing my skin gives it the best chance to protect itself from outside nasties better- it restores anything stripped away from cleansing and helps strengthen my moisture barrier. A strong moisture barrier means less breakouts, less irritation, and better tolerance for my exfoliation and vitamin A products!

Avène Tolerance Control Soothing Skin Recovery Cream
  • Won't clog pores
  • Infused with postbiotics
  • Cream texture
View at Avène

Everyone’s skin is unique. How did you find what works best for yours?

When you have a skin condition, you are constantly in a state of trial and error to see what the perfect balance is for your skin. After many years of trying out countless products, I tend to know what textures and ingredients to look out for in a formula that will work for my skin. 

In your collection of beauty products, which moisturizer do you find yourself reaching for the most?

As I am a full-time content creator, I have an entire beauty room filled from top to bottom with beauty products to test and review. However, there are certain products I will always go back to and have rotation in my skincare routine.

QV cream is one of those products, as it’s simple, affordable, and gets the job done! My skin, both on my face and body, gets on with it. I love it so much that I get the big liter pump bottles!

How often do you switch up your skincare products, and why?

I am always switching my products around when I’m not strictly testing out a particular product, firstly because it’s my job to test and review what’s new to the market but also because, from day to day, my skin will have a variety of needs. One day it may feel very dry and require more emollients, and others, it may be more congested and need more detox-focused products.

Is there a specific ingredient that you find most beneficial to your skin?

My skin likes hydrating and barrier-building ingredients like hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, and ceramides. 

QV Moisturizing Cream
$14.25 $12.52 ($3.55 / Ounce)
  • Cream formula
  • Fragrance-free
  • Contains glycerin
View at Amazon
09/24/2023 11:56 pm GMT

Can you introduce yourself to those unfamiliar with you or your work?

Jess here! I’m a content creator based in Toronto specializing in creative editing, stop motion, and macro content. I absolutely love capturing a product’s texture as well as sharing in-depth and honest reviews with my audience. I pride myself on prioritizing affordable products as well as promoting ways to reduce waste and over-consumption in the beauty industry!

Could you give us insight into your skin type and any special steps you take to care for it?

My skin is a fickle mistress. One day she’s oily, the next she’s dry. One day she’s clear, the next she’s full of acne. She’s combo skin on steroids. Since my skin is every type in one, I treat my skin with the products it needs for how it’s behaving that day.

What’s your response to a bad skin day? Any recommended remedies?

When I’m having one of those days where my skin is doing everything it can to piss me off, the number one thing I do, is nothing. Literally nothing, well, apart from cleansing and moisturizing. Sometimes our skin just needs us to chill out with all the serums and toners and masks, and so on. So when my face is looking like it just went through war, I give it a break. I reach for a gentle cleanser and a really basic moisture like Tower28’s SOS Cream or La Roche Posay’s Cicaplast.

What’s your favorite moisturizer, and why does it hold that title for you?

 Oh gosh, how do I even begin to pick a favorite moisturizer? Let me chat about the one I’m currently loving! SkinFix’s Gel Cream is what I’m reaching for the most lately. It’s designed for acne-prone skin, so it’s packed with niacinamide and antimicrobial peptides! The texture is absolutely gorgeous and almost feels like silk on the face. I think it’s a product every combo skin person should have in their collection!

Skinfix Skin Barrier Niacinamide Refillable Restoring Gel Cream
  • Lightweight
  • Contains niacinamide and antimicrobial peptides
  • Great for blemish-prone skin
  • May have a strong scent
View at Sephora