In Style: Venus Rose

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After launching her creative agency Haus Of Creators, New York-based creative Venus Rose has become the go-to stylist for many brands and artists. Her agency’s most notable work with talent includes some of today’s most influential artists as DaBaby, Lil Durk, and Rico Nasty amongst others.

Originally from Norfolk, VA, Venus traveled to NYC some years ago to pursue her dreams in entertainment. After transferring from North Carolina A&T State University, she was able to transition and finish her education at Saint John’s University; graduating in 2016. During her senior year in college, she started interning at The Source Magazine where she later received a freelance position specializing in youth creative content and marketing. After creating a trendy fashion video series for the publication she took her strengths to freelance full-time for a variety of publications and media companies.

For our latest installment in In Style, we chatted with creative director, project manager, and freelance artist Venus Rose. In our recent sit-down, the Norfolk-raised entrepreneur discussed her creative process, favorite brands to work with, and her agency Haus Of Creatives. Check out our interview with Venus Rose below.

How did you get your foot in the door of the styling industry?

I started producing fashion and video content for music artists when I was interning at The Source Magazine in college, and from there I began to produce independent projects that caught the attention of Record Labels. My first label fashion shoot that paved the way for my agency was Atlantic Reocrd’s Rico Nasty cover shoot for her project “Nasty.” 

In terms of getting the job done, what are the conversations that you typically have with your clients?

I typically start with an image consultation and I let them know my job is not to change their personal style but enhance it on a more high-end commercial level. We generally discuss a variety of elements about their personal interests and lifestyle.

Where do you draw inspiration from for style?

For style, I draw inspiration from the client’s hometown, current high fashion trends, and futuristic elements.

Who would your dream styling client be and why?

I would love to style Lil Uzi. I think he’s adorable and looks good in weird styles but he makes them look fashion-forward. I just wanna do a crazy visual and use him as my muse.

Who are some of your go-to designers for styling these days?

My go-to includes brands like Menyelek, Nomä New York, Oumou, and YGeneration.

Can you tell us about the most rewarding styling experience you’ve had so far?

The most rewarding experience was the Rico Nasty cover shoot because it opened doors for other record label clients like Roc Nation, Def Jam, and Warner U.K.

What do you have in store for yourself as well as Haus Of Creatives in the coming year?

This year we will definitely be more involved in major advertising campaigns along with more overall digital marketing.

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