In Conversation With: Vish

Washington, DC artist Vish has a vision for himself. That vision is to be a superstar, and he is well on his way to becoming just that. In a world full of darkness, people tend to gravitate towards the light. Vish has proven to be the light in the city, amassing fans daily and in a relatively short amount of time.

Following the release of his debut single, “Real Friends,” came recognition and respect from his community and local tastemakers. The vibrant single showcased the rapper’s versatile nature. Highlighting his upbeat flow paired with head-bopping production. The song touches on the realities of life: loyalty and the lack thereof, relationship woes, substance abuse, and more relatable subjects, allowing the listener to immediately connect with the song. Along with the single came a music video, which is currently available to view on youtube. The video showcases a glimpse into the life of Vish: community, respect, and an overall carefree attitude.

Shortly after his first release came a series of singles, released with visuals to help bring the story to life. One of my favorites is his latest single, “Better Things” featuring a well-known DC superstar, Lightshow. The song serves as an anthem for those going through pain and struggle. Vish connects with his listener and lets them know better things are on the way, using his come-up as a testimony. Synths, samples, and drums help bring the song to life, paired with an advanced song structure that allows the energy of the song to stay consistent throughout the 3-minute duration. In 2021, Vish hit the ground running. 2022 will be the year we watch Vish take his craft to new heights. 

Furthermore, we got a chance to sit down with Vish and discuss his upbringing, latest single “Real Friends” and more. Check it out below.

Tell us a bit about where you are from and are currently based?

I was born and raised in Uptown, Washington DC where I currently still reside. Growing up in DC was something. You always had to pray to make sure you came home safe. Being a product of my environment, I saw where my life was heading, so I chose to take a different route and managed to do pretty well for myself.

What initially inspired you to start creating your music?

As a kid, I always had dreams of being an artist. This may sound cliché, but that’s all I ever thought about. I’ve been singing and playing instruments all my life, but I was always scared to pursue it. With the support, I got from my friends, family, and God, I received all the inspiration I needed to pursue music. 


“Real Friends” was dropped a year ago and you have been gaining traction ever since. Since then it’s been single after single, is a project coming?

Yes, there is a project coming! I’ve been working on my first project for a while now, making sure everything is perfect! There is no drop date as of yet but I’m planning to drop it in the new year. 

“Better Things” with Lightshow is a DC soundtrack. How did this collaboration come about?

I was having a session at Vault Studios with my guy Malcolm X and we were working on one of my singles. One of the producers came into our session and was telling us that he has a session with Lightshow and me being a fan, I really wanted to meet him, but I kept those thoughts to myself. The producer left and me not thinking anything of it, continued my session. A couple of minutes after the producer left, our door opened back up and Lightshow walked in.

He greeted both me and Malcolm and I won’t lie, I was a bit starstruck. Lightshow told me he already knew who I was, which I was totally shocked at, and that he was a fan of my work. He wanted us to do a song together. I was thrilled as Lightshow is someone I listened to growing up. My first feature ever, so our song is definitely going to go down in history. 

An independent artist can be bittersweet at times but very rewarding. It requires a lot of dedication and work. Are you currently fully independent? Do you have a team?

I am currently fully independent. I do have a small team that consists of me and my friends. 

Are there any artists in the DMV on your collab radar? Outside of the DMV?

In the DMV, I’d really love to work with a lot of DMV artists but artists I’d love to work with Logic, Ari Lennox, or No Savage. Also, a huge fan of Brent Faiyaz and would love to work with dude.  As for outside the DMV, I think me and Lil Uzi Vert would be dope because our styles are very similar, some Kobe and Shaq type of duo, or So Faygo. 

What core message do you wish to get across to your listeners?

First off, I’d like to thank anybody who’s taken the time out to listen to my music but a core message I would like to share with my listeners is ‘that anything is possible if you keep God with you. 

Where do you see yourself as an artist in two years?

As an artist, I would love to see myself on the Mount Rushmore of the DMV but I know two years is a short time for me to have those expectations. I just believe in myself that much, so I’m shooting for the stars. I would love to know where people see me in two years.  

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