In Conversation With: Taylor Belle

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After releasing singles like “Learn Me” and “DNA” earlier this Fall, which amassed over 50K on Spotify, Taylor Belle is preparing for the release of her full-length project, Out Of Body. With fans eagerly awaiting this body of work, it serves as the songstress’ debut EP following years of many well-received singles.

Growing up in the New York music landscape combined with her early introduction to R&B, Taylor has found a distinct voice in contemporary R&B. She formally introduced herself to the worth with records like 2018’s “Alone Tonight” and 2019’s “Dimensions” amongst several others in addition to a handful of features. Her ethereal vocals mixed with relatable tales surrounding themes such as love and heartbreak have allowed her to carve out a space of her own. Now, offering a more vulnerable perspective of her life, Taylor Belle is a singer-songwriter that you don’t want to miss out on in 2022.

For our latest interview, we spoke with Taylor Belle in regards to writing songs, challenging herself musically, and advice to her younger self amongst other topics! Read below.

What are your earliest memories of your interest in music?

I remember as a kid I was always singing or humming no matter where I was, I loved it so much. The first time I sang on stage was at my school talent show in third grade. I sang ‘I Got Nerve’ by Hannah Montana and all the kids were clapping along, it was so exciting. I knew I was meant to be on a stage from that moment on, it felt like home. I still get that same adrenaline rush now when I perform.

When writing songs, do you typically write about real-life experiences or experiences of those who are close to you?

Definitely both! If something is really heavy on my mind then I will write about that and pull from my own experience. Most of the songs I’ve released have been based on personal experience. I write a lot of songs though so when I’m going with the flow and picking a topic I’ll think back on experiences my friends have had and stories I’ve heard! I’m really inspired by conversations and the people around me.

What is your creative process like? Where do you tend to get inspiration from?

It’s never exactly the same but usually, it will be me in the studio with one or two producers. I consider a lot of the people I work with friends as well so usually when I first get there we’ll chop it up and talk about life. Sometimes we listen to songs to get inspired.

Once we’re in a comfortable spot we’ll start making the beat and I’ll close my eyes and pick up on the energy of the music. I visualize it. Then I’ll start humming melodies and words. Inspiration comes from so many places- art, connections, conversations, movies, things I read. Once I catch that spark of inspiration I like to enter a stream of consciousness and see what comes out in the 3D.

Let’s talk about your upcoming EP Out of Body—can you tell us a bit more about the process behind making it?

Out of Body is an experience. It’s a sonic reflection of me and my experiences throughout life. It’s a look into my mind and imagination. I’m a big daydreamer and these songs are me exploring those daydreams. I made the project over a span of two years.

The tracks were very spread out in terms of when they were made. They weren’t made intentionally to be on a project, I was just creating freely and allowing myself the space to grow and experiment. Once I decided I was ready to put a project together I thought to myself, what do I want this project to feel like? I wanted it to feel like an out-of-body experience. That’s where the name came from. From there I thought back on which songs of mine captured that feeling.

A common thread throughout the creation of all the songs is that when I made them I felt like I was teleporting to another place. Astral projecting to that scene of where the song is set and feeling all of the emotions as if they were real. I’m hoping listeners can do the same when they hear them!

What was the most challenging part about putting the EP together?

Hmm, creating the music itself was the easy part. I’d say the biggest challenge was bringing all of my visual ideas to life and starting the rollout process. I’m really passionate about the visuals for my music and having them be a true reflection of the music. I knew I would take as long as I had to to get things looking the way I saw them in my head. Until then I decided to take a break from dropping music which was hard for me because I’ve been so eager to have these songs out in the world.

I started shooting the content for the project this time last year. My best friend and I shot all of the “DNA” photos in December of last year which definitely puts the process into perspective. It’s been blood, sweat, tears and so much trust to make this happen independently.

“Learn Me” and “DNA” are two stellar pre-releases, how do you think those two singles set the tone for where you want to go sonically?

Thank you so much! They’re both very true to the lane I want to be in sonically. I love that there is raw emotion in them and they give me the space to really sing and express myself vocally. “Learn Me” especially – I love a good ballad, I’m a sucker for slow jams. When I hear that song I can imagine people dancing to it at their weddings.

I love that because one of my biggest goals with my music is to create songs that are timeless and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. I’ll continue to share songs that spread the emotion of love and give listeners the space to close their eyes and fall deep into the track.

If you could share any advice now with the younger version of yourself, what would you say?

It’s all going to work out. It’s all going to make sense. There is so much happiness and love in store for you. Keep pushing yourself, believing in yourself, and dedicating yourself to what you’re passionate about. Even when it feels like there’s no way out, find a way. Follow that fire you feel, never lose sight of it. Everything that is meant for you will be yours. 

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