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In Conversation With: Tai Verdes

Just last year, singer-songwriter Tai Verdes was working at Verizon Wireless just a few months into the coronavirus pandemic. Taking a leap of faith, he released his debut single “Stuck In The Middle” in mid-2020 which got a spectacular remix from Kiana Lede. Most will say that Tai Verdes won the TikTok lottery, gaining over 80 million streams and 2.6 million video creations through the platform. Although Tai played his cards right and the results are undoubtedly amazing.

Earlier this year, Tai Verdes shared his very first album TV, which contains 13 songs in the span of 37 minutes. The project boasts fan-favorite singles and viral sensations such as “A-O-K” and “DRUGS.” Tai is currently preparing to hit the road with Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler starting August 31. The “Stay Next To Me” tour has 23 stops and ends in Seattle, Washington on October 10. Prepare to see Tai Verdes in full action both on and off stage later this year.

For our latest interview, we spoke with Tai Verdes about his recent debut album, more music, and touring amid the pandemic! Read below.

Hey Tai! Congrats on everything so far, how has 2021 been treating you both personally and professionally?

It’s been all about new experiences! I love music for introducing me to all these opportunities.

What does a typical studio session look like for you?

Chipotle or Sweet Green has to happen.  I don’t care about finishing the music in the session, I really just care about feeling good in the session

Your debut album TV dropped earlier this year—what’s the significance behind the title? And tell me a bit about your decision to refrain from features on the project?

TV is the last 4 years of my life as a diary in different episodes.  If you listen from top to bottom you will hear me drop out of college, do some substances, meet a girl, break up, and then try to be AOK.  I want my albums to reflect my own perspective.  So, I constructed this one alone. 

One song that really caught my ears is “momma told me imma be”—if you don’t mind, can you talk a bit about the process behind the song and how much of an impact your mother has had on your career?

My mom set me up for success very early.  She showed me so many different types of music and so many different types of ways of thinking. The song just came out of me and was a perfect fit for this project. 

From listening to the project front to back, live instruments seem to be very present throughout the album. What’s your relationship with instruments and live sounds?

I have been playing piano for 13 years, a lil’ guitar here, a lil’ ukulele there.  So those places and sounds for me come naturally. 

With your debut album in the rearview, what’s next for you in regards to music and the direction you want to go sonically?

Honestly, I’m just gonna do whatever the fuck I want. Make some music that makes me feel good. 

You’re getting ready to hit the road Quin XCII and Chelsea Cutler this Fall, what message do you have for all your fans that are excited to see you post-lockdown?

Get ready to watch me pass out on the floor on stage.  If I don’t, I’ll be disappointed in myself. Leavin it all out there.

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