In Conversation With: Magixx

Magixx is a Nigerian-based singer and songwriter who over the past year, has been building a catalog for his fans to enjoy. The 23-year-old is the latest protégé to come from prominent West African label, Mavin Records. Now, Magixx looks to turn heads with his latest musical efforts.

This past month, Magixx unveiled his self-titled debut EP, a collection of tracks to show off his blend of sounds and cultural influence. Headed by songs like “Love Don’t Cost A Dame” and “Like A Movie,” the five-song offering paints stories about his experiences on life, love, and humanity amongst many other emotions. “I want to make music that speaks for itself and to create a sound that will always remind the coming generation that Magixx was here,” he emphasizes.

For our latest interview, we spoke with Magixx in regards to his songwriting process, songs off the EP, and connecting with his fans during these odd times. Check it out below!

Your songs obviously occupy a wide breadth in styles but where do you draw the line on experimentation?

I think I’m an artist who loves experimenting with new sounds, I always try to do something different from what I’ve done before, but I draw the line when it’s not a genre I enjoy – I genuinely need to vibe to what I’m trying to experiment.

People across the globe are growing more open to new music in London right now, whether that be drill or R&B, but where do you think it’s still lacking sonically if at all?

Sonically, I think that would be the full acceptance of Afrobeats – it’s a beautiful and fast-growing genre and I want to take it to the next level along with other artists of my generation.

Moving on to your latest project, how did you want your new EP to introduce you to the world?

I want my EP to introduce me as the new face of Afrobeats globally, I also want to inspire people of different cultures and languages with my music, because the music I make isn’t just vibes it is also spiritual. So I believe people from different walks of life will connect to it.

“Love Don’t Cost A Dime” is a very phenomenal record off of the project, can you walk me through the inspiration of that song and your experience putting it together?

“Love Don’t Cost A Dime” is a beautiful record. I remember being at the studio with LOMON, the producer, writing the song – it was as early as 6 AM in the morning. Although it started as a freestyle, it came together when I thought about love in its purest form; I thought about my mum, my past relationships which made the flow of words seamless. It took me no time because I was pouring out raw emotions.

What’s your songwriting process like, does it typically take a while to translate your thoughts into a song?

I really don’t have a songwriting process; sometimes it’s my personal life experiences, sometimes it’s imaginary. It took me roughly two hours to write “Motivate Yourself,” while it took me two days to finish “Like A Movie,” so it really just depends. Sometimes I hear songs in my dreams and I wake up to record them on my phone and then go back to sleep.

It’s been almost a few years since the release of your debut single, “Mirror.” If you could have given yourself advice three or four years ago what would it have been?

I would tell myself to keep going and to never stop believing.

With the project in the rearview, how do you plan on connecting with your fans for the next few months?

Social media really has made it easy to be able to connect with fans, but I also want to have my own headline show where my fans and I can gather to have a swell time.

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