London Cyr

In Conversation With London Cyr, The Multi-Faceted Platinum Producer

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London Cyr

“I’ve been producing since I was like 13,” London Cyr shares. The GRAMMY-nominated platinum producer has an incredible resume. His first major placement was on Travis Scott’s “CAN’T SAY” featuring Don Toliver and unquestionably paved the way for more success. Since then, London Cyr has produced records with 6LACK, Young Thug, Lil Baby, and KILLY amongst others.

London Cyr’s most recent placement was on Slime Language 2 standout “No Surprise,” which once again saw artists like Don Toliver, Young Thug, and BSlime. “When a song drops with multiple artists I love, it’s just a great feeling,” the British Columbia native tells us. Although the road doesn’t end there for London Cyr as he assures us that more major placements are on the way and fans alike will just have to be on the lookout for them.

We spoke with London Cyr about his latest signing to Wondagurl’s joint venture, working on Young Stoner Life and Young Thug’s “No Surprise,” his goals, and more! Read the conversation below.

You just signed to Wonderchild, tell me about your decision to partner up with Wondagurl.

Basically, me and her were friends for a minute and already had a good working relationship. Before I even signed, we had done a couple songs that she put me in. She actually put me in a bunch of dope opportunities and situations so it seemed natural.

Were you ever skeptical about signing to another producer or even a label?

Yeah definitely! I learned, I had to take the steps and learn about the business. At the end of the day, I stayed loyal to people that helped me. The deal and everything was exactly how I wanted it so shoutout to Wondagurl for being a great business partner and friend.

Congrats on your recent placement on the deluxe edition of Slime Language 2. What was the story behind you working on “No Surprise”?

Essentially, I had made a beat with Alex Lustig and my boy FWDSLXSH. Another artist had hopped on it, but they ended up scratching it. We sent it Nija Charles and she got it to Young Though, and I honestly didn’t know it was dropping on the deluxe when it came out. When Nija showed it to Thug, he wanted Wheezy to touch it up and then yeah. When it dropped, I was just happy. When a song drops with multiple artists I love, it’s just a great feeling.

Would that be one of your most memorable records working on or is there another song that you would rank first?

I would say the two most memorable would be “WHAT TO DO?” on JACKBOYS and “CAN’T SAY” by Travis Scott. “CAN’T SAY” was kind of my first step as a producer, showcasing what I can do. Then going from there and not knowing Travis to getting work with him and Don was really dope.

Last year, you also produced 6LACK’s “Know My Rights” featuring Lil Baby. How did that come together?

I think we were at an Interscope Records studio and I just pulled up on them. I had the melody for like a year or two before, and I just always thought it would be dope for someone to hop on it. Me and FWDSLXSH added a beat to the melody. Singawd and his boy Joe added some sounds on there as well. A few days later FWD hit me and said 6LACK hopped on this and their trying to get a feature. A couple months after that, I got sent the version with Lil Baby on it and I was like “oh shit!”

As a beatmaker, does it ever change the dynamic of the instrumental when multiple producers come in and lay down different parts versus just you and maybe or two others?

I love collaboration. I feel like a lot of the beats I have right now, they are songs with other producers. It just depends on what I do to the beat. With “CAN’T SAY,” I did the melody. “Know My Rights,” I did the melody and the drums. It’s like, it really depends. At the end of the day, I’m just a producer all around so whatever is needed to the song, I just add to it.

As far as production goes, what are some of your short and long-term goals?

I definitely want to break out of hip-hop and venture into the Pop world and alternative types of music. Just different genre-bending shit to be honest.

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