Published: September 14, 2021

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

In Conversation With: IAMDDB

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2021 continues to build momentum in the world of music. In a time where genre-bending songs are rising to the forefront of the masses, UK-based artist IAMDDB delivers “Silver Lines”. A groovy single served to be an ode to women’s empowerment with a spiritual tone. IAMDDB is no beginner when it comes to creating soul-touching tracks. Her debut EP ‘Waeveybby, Vol. 1 ‘, released in 2016, quickly set her career in motion. As the years go on, IAMDDB continues to showcase her unique style, combining soul with jazz.

Some call it Neo-soul others call it R&B, IAMDDB calls it ‘Urban Jazz’. IAMDDB embodies the energy of being a ‘free spirit’. Constantly releasing music true to her being and current mood, bypassing industry trends and norms. 

IAMDDB released the visuals to “Silver Lines” shortly after the release of the single on all streaming platforms. The music video showcases her experience on an island, which is parallel to the song’s uplifting and vibrant tone. The intro of the video starts with IAMDDB speaking. She says, “Dear Sisters…Thank you for loving me for who I am, your love oozes out of your skin, your words heal my scars, our presence make rooms shake [haha shake then], your beauty makes heartbreaks but most importantly, you’ve really allowed me to feel the purest forms of love”. Setting the mood.

The video displays what seems to be IAMDDB living her best life with her “sisters”. Five minutes filled with happiness, pretty faces, and sights that will leave you with a smile after it’s done.

“Silver Lines” was produced by Mike Brainchild. The song summons synths, joyful percussions, and an overall joyful tone. Allowing the listener to tune into the experience, coming out feeling rejuvenated. Furthermore, we sat down with IAMDDB and had an exciting conversation about her new single, upbringing, future plans, and more. Check it out below:

Tell us a bit about where you are from and are currently based?

I am a manc at heart, that is where I grew up, Manchester UK. My heritage is Angolan, Portuguese, Cape Verdean and Saudi Arabian – quite the mix. Honestly, my locations are global I am always on the move I hardly stop in one place for too long, but I love it that way. It allows me to be constantly busy, focused, doing what I love and surrounded by people who love and appreciate what I do.

What initially inspired you to start creating your own music?

My papa. He is my all-time inspiration, he was in a band in his day called “Afra Sound Stars”, toured Africa, Europe, and other places with other huge artists from Angola and Portugal. Having that legacy run in the family made me realize I had to maintain a high level of achievements and global reach to make him proud. It was in 2016 I began taking music seriously and full time. Since then, God has allowed me to wake up and do what I love every single day. I am so grateful for this journey, and to have people around me who nurture me and inspire me to be the best version of myself.

As we know, the single is an ode to women empowerment and you express the importance of sisterhood and self-love in the track. Tell us about how your song “Silver Lines” was created

“Silver lines” was created with the intention of being a feel-good lift your mood type of vibe, a song that will make you feel lifted no matter where you are. I feel like we all have grey days and all need that go-to song that will always put us in a good mood – that is what “Silver Lines” is. Mike Brainchild is on production and we have great synergy in our process and it shows in the outcome. This song was made to remind people that not all that glitters is gold but just because it isn’t gold doesn’t mean it won’t be a life lesson you need.


Your music is clearly not one-dimensional. Some say you are a jazz artist, Neo-soul artist, even a trap soul artist. Would you put your music in a certain genre?

I would never box myself into a genre, the only genre I stick to is Urban Jazz, because urban jazz is what I am. I am multi-dimensional, I bring jazz elements into every other genre that exists and make it my own. That is the beauty of urban jazz, it is whatever the creator makes it. I have been tapping into so many new dimensions within my sonics that I do not think people will expect what’s coming…

An artist in 2021 can be bittersweet at times but very rewarding. It requires a lot of dedication and work! How much does your team contribute to your success?

I am only as good as my team. 2020 was a real year for me! You can’t build with people who make a profit off of keeping you naive and in an unhealthy environment. Now that I am surrounded by beautiful energy, I am flourishing at God speed, and it is reflecting in every aspect of my career and business. I am in full control of every business move I am making and it feels so good to have clarity and control. I highly advise artists to empower themselves this way, it’s not just about the art, the business and relationships matter a whole lot!

Can we expect a new release in 2021?

Debut Album is on the way, I have some amazing collaborations coming up! Also, the sickest merch line dropping and so much more but as always I would rather show you than tell you. We are also on tour OCTOBER – DECEMBER 2021 so make sure you grab your tickets for this experience – it’s going to be mental. 

Also, IAMDDB’s newest track and music video ‘JGL’ is suspected to premiere internationally on Friday, the 17th of September! JGL is an elevated celebration of the rebirth of IAMDDB, celebrating her unique goddess-like strength, captured through stunning visuals and DDB’S captivating, spiritual energy and vocals. The music video showcases the powerful meaning of the song through stunning Arabian-inspired costumes, makeup, and set design. If you liked “Silver Line”, make sure you check out “JGL’ on www.waeveybby.com.

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