Published: December 23, 2021

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

In Conversation With: Grace Davies

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Singer-songwriter Grace Davies is no stranger to turning vulnerable moments into relatable tales that guide the listener to euphoria. Born and raised in Blackburn, she was formally introduced to the world through her appearance on X Factor in 2017, performing her original single “roots.” Years later, Grace’s rise into popularity continued upon the release of 2020’s Friends with the Tragic, her debut release featuring songs such as “Amsterdam” and “Invisible.”

On the heels of her recently released and critically-acclaimed EP, i wonder if you wonder, we get an unfiltered ride from hope to heartbreak from the rising starlet. Songs like “i met a boy online,” “testosterone,” and her famously performed “roots” instantly stand out as fan-favorites. Without a doubt, Grace has established herself to be an all-encompassing musician and a serious talent to watch, expect more from the fearless young pop artist as she continues to produce and release undeniable chart hits. Be on the lookout for more from her in 2022.

We got to chat with Grace Davies about her new EP i wonder if you wonder, treating songwriting like therapy, and her goal as a promising musician to watch for. Read below!

Grace Davies

Congrats on the new release! What’s the meaning behind the project’s title, i wonder if you wonder?

Thank you so much! So ‘i wonder if you wonder’ is a lyric from two songs on the EP (“toothbrush” and “used to you”) and it’s basically me saying “i wonder if you wonder about me as much as i wonder about you”. I write so many songs about boys who probably never think twice about me haha… But they might! 

‘i wonder if you wonder’ arrives just a bit over a year since the release of your debut EP, Friends with the Tragic. In what ways have your sound and vibe changed since then?

I actually think the sound of the two EPs is quite coherent. There are lots of similarities between all of the songs, with my ballads having classic strings but dark and moody synths and pads – and my ‘bangers’ being more 80s inspired. I’d like to think it’s a continuation from the first EP sonically but maybe more vulnerable lyrically. 

Songs like “roots” and “i met a boy online” are some of the most vulnerable songs that we’ve heard so far—what was the defining moment that made you want to create this latest body of work?

I started to treat songwriting like therapy. I don’t really enjoy talking to people about my feelings or what I’m going through, so when I write a song it feels like I’m writing a diary entry or pouring my emotions out to a therapist who can’t talk back, which is perfect for me haha! I realized that if I put these vulnerable and honest feelings out into the world, someone may potentially relate and feel less alone – and that would also make me feel less alone too, so it’s always been important for me to be as honest and “heart on sleeve” in my music as possible – especially if I wanted to make my mark independently with this project.

Can you walk us through what your process is like when it comes to making music?

I normally will know from which side of the bed I woke up on whether it’s a banger or a ballad day. I’m usually always in the mood to write ballads, and that’s normally because there’s something super prominent happening in my life that’s causing me to feel sad. From that, I’ll figure out the concept of the song, maybe a song title, and figure it out from there. Lyric is the most important thing for me, so I spend a lot of time getting that right at a piano before I really consider production. 

What are you looking forward to the most about these upcoming years as your catalog and fanbase continue to grow?

Performing live and getting to release songs that I’ve been clinging onto for years. I’m so excited to keep writing and seeing what comes of that, but I have so many songs that I’ve been holding back, waiting for the perfect moment to release – so I’m super excited about that. 

Ultimately, what is your goal as an artist and someone that many people look up to?

I just want to make people feel something, and hopefully relate to my words. If I’ve created a piece of music that people cry to, or use at their wedding, or even just add to their playlist – then I know I’ve done my job properly. I’ve always said as long as I can perform to a room of people who have come to see me, rather than come to a pub and there happens to be an artist on (like I used to do), then that for me is “making it.” I guess when you enter this industry, the words “role model to your fans” are naturally sprung on you – but if my fans can take anything away from my career thus far I hope it’s that you have to keep grinding, no matter who says no and no matter how many times life knocks you back. If you want it, you work for it and you will achieve it. 

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