In Conversation With: Fana Hues

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Since establishing herself in 2020 through a series of masterpieces, Pasadena singer-songwriter Fana Hues is a name that’s been exploding into popularity via the R&B scene. Growing up, she was inspired by her favorite musicians like Nina Simone, Dionne Warwick, Anita Baker, and many more being one of nine in a musical household. It’s no surprise that becoming a musician was fate for Fana Hues, her father played several instruments and her mother was a dancer.

Fana Hues unveiled her debut project, Hues, towards the tail-end of 2020 which contained triumphs such as “Icarus” and “Lay Up” amongst others. She released several visual efforts to the project as well as a live rendition several months after the release, which helped propel the buzz. It’s very clear that with her honey-drenched vocals, Fana Hues is extremely talented and favored by many.

Fast forward to 2021, Fana Hues continues to embark on her musical journey as a young promising star. She unveiled the remix to standout cut “Desert Flowers” featuring Mereba earlier this year and most notably appeared on Tyler, The Creators commercial album Call Me If You Get Lost. Now, gearing up for Day N Vegas and working on new music, Fana Hues welcomes us to a peek inside of her insanely creative and ethereal world.

We had the pleasure of asking Fana Hues a couple of questions in regards to her musical footing, performing live since the pandemic, and much more! Read below.

Fana Hues

Did you grow up surrounded by music? How did you discover your talent for songwriting and develop your expressive vocals?

I grew up in a musical family. My parents made sure to introduce all of my siblings and myself to instruments at a young age as well as singing. But when I started writing my songs it felt more personal and not just something me and my family did. I could take ownership over my music and mold it as I wanted.

What are your musical inspirations?

My biggest inspiration is always life itself every time. I’m not a hermit creative, so I write the most and get inspired the most when I’m living my life. 

Ultimately, what is your goal as an artist? What sort of imprint do you want to leave on those you love and those that love you?

I want it to be okay to express yourself fully even when it’s dark and ugly. I want to leave a blueprint on how to process emotions in a healthy way. 

We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of your debut project, Hues, what are some of your favorite memories of putting it together?

My favorite memory was probably writing “Icarus.” It was less so easy and effortless. I knew I was aligned when I wrote it. 

You’ve done a spectacular job at keeping the project fresh through acoustic performances and videos, but in what ways have your sound and vibe changed since then?

Musically I feel like I’m a kid having a growth spurt. Like at the core, the music I’m making now is similar to what I’ve done but just bigger and on a different level. 

Obviously, you’re performing at Day N Vegas later this year, are you excited to see all your fans in person again? How were you able to stay connected with them throughout the past year?

Honestly, I never had fans before this, so I had to build a connection with them through all the events of the past year. It’s been fun though and I’m very grateful for the internet and social media for even allowing me to build that bond when it was impossible to do so in the physical world.

Out of all of the music you’ve released thus far, which track do you feel most connected to and why?

Snakes and elephants was the most honest song I wrote and one of the scariest ones to release. I’m very proud of that one and it’ll forever hold a special place in my heart.

Could you share any upcoming projects that are in the works?

I’m gearing up for a series of things starting early next month. So please be on the lookout for new new coming from moi!

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