In Conversation With: B-Lovee

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Making viral waves in the Bronx drill scene through sample-heavy bangers and explosive energy, B-Lovee is leading the next generation of New York hip-hop. The rap wunderkind has already amassed millions of views and TikTok video creations with singles like “My Everything,” which samples the Mary J. Blige song of the same name, as well as “IYKYK,” which samples another popular record by Wayne Wonder titled “No Letting Go.” B-Lovee’s approach to music is one that draws nostalgic elements and blends them with modern, addictive sounds of today and makes them undeniable hit records.

B-Lovee undoubtedly has the star power to become a staple in the New York drill scene. The 20-year-old rapper has proved time and time again that he has what it takes to be a major success, often collaborating with close friends and fellow artists climbing the ladder like Kay Flock and Dougie B. With his latest signing to RECORDS and Columbia Records, things are warming up for B-Lovee and his major-label backing further cements his presence as an unstoppable force to look out for in 2022.

We got to chop it up with B-Lovee about his growing music catalog, sneakers, and signing to Columbia Records to name a few topics. Check it out below!

Obviously, everyone knows about your music, but tell me a little bit about yourself, what’s your story?

Just a regular kid from the projects. All of this was a dream at once, now it’s reality you feel me? I been a fan of music since I was a kid, I made one or two songs around 2016. I stopped, then I started making music again and taking it seriously a year ago trying to turn it into something.

“My Everything” is going crazy on TikTok, you got all the IG baddies turning up to it, what was the story behind that record?

Shout out to Cash Cobain. He had sent over some beats and we’re in the studio listening, and I heard the Mary J. Blige sample and was like “oh naw, that’s fire!” My mom listens to that so I know she gone like the song. I sat down, started writing, and I made the song real quick just for my moms to listen to while she cleaning up. It got leaked and that’s how it happened, it became a hit song.

You and Kay Flock have this unbreakable bond and it seems like every time you two are on a track together, it’s a hit. How did y’all originally meet and how has that relationship grown over time?

We met before rap when we was young, we were kids when we met. That’s why it’s different because we’re not just rappers, we’re real friends. We got that connection and we can tell each other what’s wrong and what’s right. We’re also both good artists so we don’t really gotta do too much. Me and him built our duo thing a few songs back before my son Dougie came home and now we all have been just working. We got some new music coming too.

I see that sneakers are like really a big part of your aesthetic, what’s your favorite pair right now?

I forgot what they called, but they’re some Air Max jawns. They go crazy, but those are my favorite type of sneakers right now. I used to always like kicks and Jordans growing up so you always gotta have a fresh pair.

Coming from the Bronx, things can obviously get crazy but you are on your way out and paving a way for other artists as well. Talk to me about how it felt to ink that deal with Columbia Records?

It was a lot of record labels reaching out, and it was people who I had to cut down because I just felt the difference. I felt like Columbia was the one and they felt the same way about me so it’s like we gone work. I was skeptical with any label, but it’s really about what you do. Everybody’s situation is different.

Now you got “IYKYK” and “Neaky” seemingly following right behind it, and considering that both songs have familiar sounds, what’s up with you and beats that got samples?

I’m picky with beats and it started with the sample thing. Other than regular samples that people do like the Beanie Seagle sample and all that, I like specific beats. Shout out to Chris Saves, he started with the “IYKYK” record and then I started listening to more samples. Producers started coming with more samples and better beats and it was like oh naw, this is different. Everybody’s like “let me send you beats, let me send you beats!”

Do you have any dream collaborations at the moment?

Hell yeah! Obviously Lil Baby. I got a song with my son A Boogie already coming. G Herbo, Meek Mill, Lil Uzi. Those are people who paved the way so you gotta wanna do songs with them.

Of course, this year was amazing for you musically, what are you excited for in 2022?

I don’t know yet, but we got a lot more coming. We working!

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