Imogen Mahdavi

Imogen Mahdavi Unveils Her Sensual Video “Late Night Calls”

East London singer-songwriter Imogen Mahdavi graces us with the release of “Late Night Calls” alongside the accompanying visual effort. Directed by Cameron Turnbull, the four-minute cut can simply be summed up in three words: sensual, vulnerable, and sexy.

“This is a really exciting era for me. It feels like the start of the artist I’ve been searching to become. Late Night Calls is my first real heartbreak record,” Mahdavi explains. “I’ve always written about my relationship with myself, my loved ones, and happy romantic memories, but this year tested me. It’s about watching the person you love, moving on with someone new, literally a nightmare of happiness in front of me.”

In a new age of uplifting inclusivity, Imogen Mahdavi is confidently blending her Iranian heritage into western pop, drawing on dream-like vocal runs, riffs, and horns.  Watch “Late Night Calls” below.

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