Immi Dash RAYDAR Press Shot

Immi Dash Talks About Her New Single “Cold Heart,” Wardrobe, and Debut EP

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Immi Dash RAYDAR Press Shot

Rising R&B singer Immi Dash has captivated tastemakers with her mesmerizing new single “Cold Heart,” released under Onatura Records. Steeped in a smoky, hazy atmosphere, this ’90s-inspired track showcases Immi’s soulful vocals and powerful message of empowerment after the demise of a relationship. The moody, nocturnal music video immerses viewers in two distinct scenes as Immi dons her headphones and conquers the world with unyielding determination.

Born in Scotland to British and Trinidadian parents but raised in the US, Immi Dash’s international upbringing exposed her to a wealth of musical influences. These early experiences not only helped shape her artistic direction but also granted her invaluable insights into diverse music cultures. Immi began making a name for herself by performing at various festivals and showcases throughout Europe and the UK.

Immi Dash reflects on the significance of the record, stating, “This song is a confidence booster for me. I wanted to collaborate with producer Cal Lewis on a track I could add to my pre-gig playlist, something that would make me feel like a badass before stepping on stage. While there are moments of vulnerability in the lyrics, the song ultimately serves as a power move and helps me feel more self-assured.”

With her highly anticipated debut project on the horizon, 2023 promises to be a fruitful year for this promising young talent as she continues to enchant the world with her unforgettable sound. Check out our full interview below!

Hey Immi! How’s the year been treating you so far?

It’s been good thank you. I’ve been writing and recording as much as I can, working on my live show, and finishing my degree at the same time, so a bit busy! 

Your background is uniquely fascinating—born in Scotland to British and Trinidadian parents and raised in the US. Can you tell us how these early influences have helped shape your musical direction and introduced you to various music cultures?

When you hear it like that, it’s a bit all over the place. Growing up in California and going to quite a multicultural school was something that allowed me to connect with friends from different backgrounds from a very young age. I’m sure this opened my ears to the different music and sounds around me. I started listening to music that my older sister got on her iPod—everything was passed down to me because I’m the youngest of 3.

So American Pop and R&B from the 90s and 00s shaped my musical ears as well. We listened from Destiny’s Child and Usher through to Rihanna and Katy Perry. Those Now That’s What I Call Music CDs were some of our most prized possessions. Also, being mixed-race meant I was brought up with a variety of music that my parents played. In the house, I grew up listening to music to Soca, Calypso, and Latin music, as well as Amy Winehouse, Missy Elliot, and probably a bit of Bob Dylan. I’ve not had much of an experience with Scottish music, though. Maybe that’s something I should look into… 

Your latest offering, “Cold Heart,” has definitely caught our attention with its smoky R&B vibe and soulful vocals. Walk us through the creative process of working with producer Cal Lewis to bring this track to life!

Thank you! I think it’s my favorite one I’ve put out so far. Cal and I wrote it in the studio at The Music Works in Gloucester. Honestly, it was just one of those days when I came into the session feeling a bit fed up. We decided to flip it around and put that energy into a song about taking control. We started by discussing how I was feeling, it’s always a bit of a therapy session, and then Cal played in the chords which I started to vibe with.

I improvised some melodies and lyrics, we bounced ideas off each other, and eventually “Cold Heart” was born. Recording it was super smooth, layering harmonies upon harmonies as soon as they popped into my head. I love the process of building up a melody with excessive backing vocals and choosing which parts of the vocal we should highlight with layers. It’s one of my favorite parts of the creative process. 

The themes of empowerment and overcoming hurt after a failed relationship are beautifully conveyed in the record as well. What was the inspiration behind this story, and how did you channel these emotions into your performance?

Appreciate that. Basically, “Cold Heart” is a story inspired by the relationship I had with my ex. It’s my way of framing the heartbreak I had after this relationship and taking control of the story. I wanted to package it up and leave it behind, to put my stamp on it and tell my side of things. In terms of the performance, everything I was saying felt honest so it just came out that way. I had to put on my shades and channel my inner badass for the second verse, though. 

Also, the music video for “Cold Heart” is a moody, nighttime visual with two distinct scenes. Out of curiosity, how does the imagery of strapping on headphones and taking on the world resonate with the message of the song and your own journey?

I think it represents the way that I’ve constantly used music as my way to get through difficult times. One of the ways I deal with problems is by listening to music and going for a walk. When I take that time to reflect on things I can process them better. Music has always been my therapy, so when I find a song that captures how I feel in a certain situation, I’ll have it on repeat. I wanted “Cold Heart” to be that song for someone else. In essence, the second scene in the ‘Cold Heart’ music video is me showing the way I escape from the present. 

Let’s talk about the looks from the visuals—what can you tell us about your wardrobe and how it comes to life in the video?

For this look, I worked with a stylist called Tee. She’s helped with a lot of my photoshoot looks and I knew she’d be great for this one. I’m a big fan of streetwear and oversized looks, so the big bomber jacket and camo cargos were perfect.

Also, black platform boots are now a staple in my wardrobe, I’m annoyed I didn’t wear them sooner. A lot of my own wardrobe is menswear, because I like wearing XL t-shirts, or it’s thrifted and from vintage shops. On a day-to-day, you’ll find me wearing lots of rings, chains, and earrings, like in the video. Someone—I think it was my aunt—said that jewelry is a little bit of armor that you put on before a day and I really resonate with that. 

With your debut project on the horizon and a promising year ahead, what can fans look forward to from Immi Dash in the coming months?

More singles coming your way in the lead-up to my first EP! It’s in the works so keep an eye out. My upcoming music is very honest, it signifies the start of my journey into being an adult and dealing with the experiences I’ve had in my life so far. A few of the tracks are very open and emotional which makes me feel a bit vulnerable to share, but I want to continue to tell my story. Expressing my creativity is something that I’m very grateful to be able to do, and I’m even more grateful that other people are interested to hear it.