IFY P Shares “Shake It” Featuring Shy Glizzy

IFY P is an up-and-coming rapper out of Silver Spring, Maryland that continues to rise on the music scene. He recently gained a Shy Glizzy collaboration and more. This rapper and songwriter has potential and is able to show off his skills and lyricism through his music. Heavily influenced by New York and East Coast hip-hop, IFY P makes an effort to make the right records that fit every crowd. He currently enjoys making the perfect club hits but with effective bars.

“At first when I started I tried putting out a radio hit when I was dealing with eOne, and once I branched off from them I started doing stuff that matched more of my sound. My sound kinda sounds like New York but I’m not from New York. I’m from Silver Springs, Maryland,” IFY P shares. “We rap different but my sound is a mixture of New York and east coast. I got bars but I try to ride the beats a lot. I listen to a lot of lyricists.” 

On what inspires his career, IFY P says, “More so me cus’ my story coming from a third world country and being who I am now. Being able to meet major people and get interviews, and get on tour and stuff. I inspire myself because I put myself on. I wanted to do this so I push myself.”

With a unique personality and creative process – he is a representation of a relatable but forward thinker and hopes to one day be the next leader of the emo-rap scene. Overall inspired by Lil Peep, XXXtentacion, Spacemanzack, and Juicewrld – IFY P hopes to join the wave on a mainstream level.

“So living the lifestyle we was in the strip club, we were at Stadium and then we went to the studio uptown, then I made this song and I was like ‘man I need to put Shy Glizzy on it.’ I hit his people and it was a strip club type song and he jumped on the hook,” he shares on his latest single. Stream “Shake It” below.

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