Iconic Protein

Iconic Protein: Equating Happiness With Health

ICONIC Protein is a brand that over the last several years, have created a huge mark on the supplement industry through their nutritious and equal parts delicious supplement drinks. Continuously expanding and moving in a direction that promotes ethical and sustainable sourcing, they have undoubtedly risen to triumph through staying true to what matters the most.

“ICONIC is about choosing yourself. Choosing your health, your happiness, your own success. Our products make it easier to nourish your body and mind your way because you’re doing amazing,” the company emphasizes. Check out our review of their products below.

Vanilla Immunity Coffee

One of the brand new flavors that ICONIC Protein introduced recently, Vanilla Immunity Coffee is the perfect alternative to your morning coffee. Sourced from Arabian coffee, these pack a whopping 200mg of caffeine per serving while containing no sugars and including micros such as Vitamin C, Vitamin DC, and zinc amongst others. The Vanilla Immunity Coffee is a bold delivery that lives up to its statement of being better than real coffee.

In efforts to improve the human diet commit to ethical and sustainable sourcing practices, the Vanilla Immunity Coffee is plant-based and pulls from natural and organic ingredients that coffee lovers can enjoy. Not to mention, each serving is only 80 calories and contains 10g of protein which you won’t find often in many other brands.

Dark Roast Immunity Coffee

The Dark Roast Immunity Coffee is the perfect choice for those who like good dark roast coffee. It’s bold and rich, full of body and texture. Much like their Vanilla Immunity Coffee, it contains 10g of pea protein and 80 calories per serving. However, this flavor profile is a bit of a bittersweet or toasty taste, while simultaneously having a decadent chocolaty flavor.

ICONIC Protein’s Immunity Coffee serves as a vegan protein shake, keto coffee, MCT oil, and immunity booster all-in-one. Less caffeine, more overall functionality, the Dark Roast Immunity Coffee lives up to its hype.

Vanilla Bean

Clean protein is one thing, but when it’s equally tasty is what elevates this drink. The Vanilla Bean protein drink, much like other flavors, contains 20g of protein for only 140 calories. However, this fan-favorite from ICONIC Protein is delightfully flavorful and creamy, separating it from your average vanilla protein powder or protein drink. Reminiscent of plant-based milk, it’s not too thick or too thin and packs more fiber than most.

ICONIC does an amazing job at making sure that its drinks are not only irresistibly good but nutritious as well. The Vanilla Bean flavor contains many electrolytes and antioxidants with a complete amino acid profile of 80% casein and 20% whey. My favorite way of using is this flavor is poured over an iced espresso or used as an alternative for vanilla ice cream!

Chocolate Truffle

Made with real cocoa powder, the Chocolate Truffle protein drink is far from ordinary. It’s pack with 20g of grass-fed protein and is naturally sweetened with monk fruit. Only 140 calories, this flavor profile is similar to your typical chocolate milk except that it’s a lot much smoother and doesn’t pack on any sugar.

ICONIC Protein’s Chocolate Truffle flavor is quite literally the perfect go-to for any time of the day, whether that be for breakfast or dessert. Not only is it extremely delicious, but you can pair the Chocolate Truffle with quite literally anything including protein pancakes, brownies, instant cakes, and much more. Additional macros include 3g of fat, 8g of carbohydrates, and no lactose which is a super convenient factor.

Priced at $38 USD for 12 bottles, visit ICONIC Protein’s website to purchase these flavors!

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