Best High Waisted Thong 2022 RAYDAR

Published: October 4, 2022

Last Updated: August 26, 2023

The 9 Most Comfortable High Waisted Thongs of 2023

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Best High Waisted Thong 2022 RAYDAR

If you’re looking for a way to conceal unsightly crotch lines, high waisted thongs are the perfect option to try. Low-rise thongs can still be seen through high-waisted leggings or pants. To solve this problem, consider a high-rise construction. Finding the appropriate pair of high-waisted thongs for you comes down to your own style and material preferences, but the finest ones will remain in place and not call attention to themselves.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for a thong to make a fashion statement or if you’re simply trying to find the perfect fit beneath your favorite pair of leggings; comfort is king in the world of personal apparel. However, there is no such thing as a universally flattering underwear style, which is why we researched and prepared a list of several distinct high waisted thongs to help you select the most comfortable pair for you. Keep scrolling for a wide variety of feminine and classic pieces that will never go out of style.

1. Parade High Rise Thong
  • Chic and eco-friendly
  • Flattering and comfortable
  • Versatile styling
View at Parade

In terms of high-rise fits that provide little coverage, the High Rise Thong from Parade is your best bet. It’s a chic, eco-friendly alternative to your standard cotton essentials since it’s crafted from a recycled cotton mix. If your delicate skin won’t let you avoid attractive underwear, pair it with high-waisted jeans and your favorite tops.

Sizes Available: XS to 3XL

Positive Parade Review: “This underwear is not only soft and stretchy but it is sexy and flattering. As a curvy girl, I’m picky with my thongs. I want one that will come over my large hips but also have coverage so my lower belly is held in. This underwear does it all! I feel amazing in it! I definitely need a three-pack of these underwear. Waiting for more colours cause I need them all. Fits true to size! Get them all trust me.”

2. SKIMS Fits Everybody High Waisted Thong
  • Seamless
  • Second-skin fit
  • Barely-there comfort
View at SKIMS

This high-quality thong has a seamless appearance and a second-skin sensation thanks to its no-cut construction, which eliminates digging and obvious panty lines. Made from a combination of polyamide and elastane, the undergarment offers a barely-there sensation while yet giving the essential amount of coverage. Seasonal hues like lime, white, violet, and blue join the standard tonal tones of SKIMS to help you find the perfect match for your skin tone or outfit.

Sizes Available: XXS to 4X

Positive SKIMS Review: “Alright. I hate underwear. Loathe them. They never fit right or they move or there is always something wrong with them. And so I’m sitting online Saturday night watching Skims stories on Instagram. Kim posted a story doing a tour of her SKIMS collection and saying how, she too, hated underwear until she developed this line. She had my attention and I was listening loud and clear so I ordered the fits everybody high waisted thong. It literally feels like you are wearing nothing and the coverage on the sides is amazing. I will definitely be buying more. I don’t know what sorcery Kim K has come up with but I need it all!”

3. Les Girls Les Boys Semi Sheer High Waist Thong
  • Comfortable
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Versatile styling
View at Showpo

The Les Girls Les Boys Semi-Sheer Thong is among one of the most comfortable thongs you’ll ever wear. It has a modern logo embossed in silver foil on the lower left front and is constructed of stretchy, semi-transparent cotton. The long, lean style of this top pairs well with your favorite pair of tights for a nod to vintage yoga wear.

Sizes Available: XS to L

4. Cotton On Seamless High Cut Thong Brief
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • High waist and cheeky back
View at Cotton On

Comfort and cheekiness meet in Cotton On‘s Seamless High Cut Thong Brief. These seamless underwear are made from a comfortable, flexible fabric, and have a high waist and little back coverage—two features that are sure to win you over. In addition to classic colors like black and white, hues like pink, green, gold, and violet join this ribbed design.

Sizes Available: XS to XL

Positive Cotton On Review: “I ordered a small after looking at the reviews, and am so happy with my decision! I have loose skin after having a baby and C-section that tucks perfectly into these bad boys. They have the best ribbed material that has just enough stretch so they don’t dig into you or roll down. Seriously… better than Parade, which is what I was wearing previously. I forget I’m wearing them. And they actually have enough material to cover my kitty so she’s not eating undies all day. If you have a little tum, need some coverage, but wanna feel sexy too, these are the ones.”

5. PrettyLittleThing Striped Lace High Leg Thong
  • High-leg fit
  • Stylish design
  • Matching set
View at PrettyLittleThing

The striped lace thong by PrettyLittleThing will be a welcome addition to your underwear drawer. Pair it with the matching bralette for the complete lingerie set; it’s made of a black mesh striped material with lace trim and has a high-leg thong fit. The polyester and elastane in the fabric give it a stretchy, figure-hugging quality.

6. Gymshark Seamless High Rise Thong
  • Stretchy and breathable
  • High rise fit
  • Seamless design
View at Gymshark

By employing seamless fabric, Gymshark‘s Seamless High Rise Thong improves upon the already superior simplicity and sophistication of the original thong design. To be prepared for everything the day might bring, its seamless construction offers elasticity, breathability, and lightweight. It’s made from a blend of nylon and spandex, providing just enough stretch.

Sizes Available: XS to XXL

Positive Gymshark Review: “Probably the best underwear I’ve ever bought! I’ve always had the issue with other brands when wearing seamless leggings that you could still see the edges of them. Then I figured since Gymshark makes seamless leggings, then their seamless undies have to be perfect. So I gave it a shot and it was the best decision I’ve made.”

7. BLUEBELLA Cromer High-Waist Thong
  • High-waist design
  • Artistic embroidery
  • Coordinated set
View at Revolve

There is a fine line between fashion and art, and the Cromer thong blurs that barrier with a sumptuous display of delicate floral embroidery that attracts the eye with a gently shimmering finish. You’ll look amazing in the high waist, and the luxurious gold hardware will complete the outfit. Make a statement by wearing it with the complementary Cromer Bra from BLUEBELLA.

Sizes Available: XS to L

8. Renue No 3. High Rise Thong
  • Customizable fit
  • Sustainable materials
  • Comfortable design
View at Revolve

The High Rise Thong from emerging intimates label Renue will quickly become your go-to underwear. This versatile thong may be worn both high and low on the waist for a customized fit. Furthermore, they have a comfortable elasticized drawstring waist and ribbed trim. The thong is made from a polyester and viscose ecovero mix, both of which are sustainable materials.

Sizes Available: XS to 3XL

9. Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible Thong
  • Ultra-flexible comfort
  • Second-skin feel
  • Variety
View at Alo Yoga

The Airbrush Invisible String Thong is a must-have for your top drawer thanks to Alo Yoga‘s ultra-flexible, second-skin patented fabric. It’s so light and airy that wearing it’s like wearing nothing at all. They are available in a range of hues, including pink, cherry red, smoky quartz, and powder blue to name a few.

Sizes Available: XS to L

Positive Alo Yoga Review: “An amazing product with the perfect design, fit, and fabric all in one tiny package!! The string is not stringy, rather it is flat, and comfortably hugs those sensitive regions, if you get my drift!”

What to Look for in Thongs

Comfort and Fit

Finding a high-waisted thong that combines the allure of its style with a snug fit can be the difference between feeling fantastic or constantly adjusting your undergarments. The waistband should rest comfortably at your natural waist without digging into your skin, while the thong back should not be too tight or loose. Various styles of high-waisted thongs offer different levels of coverage at the front, so choosing one that fits your comfort level is crucial.

Fabric Material

As you would with any intimate wear, pay special attention to the fabric used in your high-waisted thong. Materials like cotton, modal, or bamboo are breathable and perfect for everyday wear, while silk or satin lend a more luxurious touch, suitable for special occasions. Lace can add a sexy, feminine touch but should have soft edges or a lined gusset for comfort. Remember, the fabric should feel good against your skin and be easy to care for.

Seamless Design

When it comes to a high-waisted thong, the seamless design often takes the crown, especially if you plan to wear it under form-fitting clothing. This design will ensure a smooth, invisible finish, preventing any unsightly underwear lines from showing. Opt for ones with bonded or laser-cut edges for the most seamless look.

Size and Brand Variance

Every brand has its unique size chart, and this holds true for high-waisted thongs as well. A medium in one brand may not be the same in another. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the size guide for each brand before you make a purchase. When possible, try on different brands and styles to find the perfect high-waisted thong for you. Whether your preference leans towards the barely-there feel or a more robust, control-top version, there’s a high-waisted thong out there for you.


What is a thong?

A thong is a specific style of underwear that is characterized by a narrow piece of fabric or string that passes between the buttocks and is attached to a band around the hips, leaving the buttocks largely exposed. The main piece of fabric in the front can vary in size and shape but is typically triangular. Thongs are worn by people of all genders, but are more common in women’s fashion. They are often chosen to minimize visible panty lines when wearing tight-fitting clothing.

What is the pocket in thongs for?

The small pocket you may find inside a thong is called a gusset. The gusset is an essential part of most underwear styles, not just thongs. It’s typically made of a breathable material like cotton and is designed to increase comfort, absorb moisture, and maintain hygiene.

Are thongs comfortable?

As for comfort, it can be highly subjective and vary from person to person. Some people find thongs to be extremely comfortable and prefer them to other types of underwear, appreciating the minimal fabric and the lack of visible panty lines. Others might find the sensation of a string or narrow strip of fabric between their buttocks to be uncomfortable. As with any type of clothing, the fit, material, and design of a thong can greatly influence its comfort level.

How do you wear a thong?

Wearing a thong is just like wearing any other type of underwear. You step into it and pull it up so that it sits comfortably around your hips. The thinner piece should sit comfortably between your buttocks. It’s important to make sure that it fits correctly—it shouldn’t be so tight that it digs into your skin or so loose that it moves around.

Proper hygiene is important when wearing thongs, and it’s generally recommended to avoid wearing thongs when sleeping, working out, or if you’re prone to certain health issues like urinary tract or yeast infections. It’s also worth noting that not every outfit or situation calls for a thong; it’s just one of many underwear options available.