Halsey Light Blue Eyeshadow

Halsey’s Light Blue Eyeshadow Look Is Reclaiming ’90s Glam for a Modern Beat

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Halsey Light Blue Eyeshadow

We’ve long witnessed the cyclical nature of beauty and fashion, where the nostalgic aesthetics of decades past reemerge with fresh flair. In a time where ’90s trends such as low-rise jeans, silver accessories, and even thin eyebrows are being resurrected, it’s no surprise that celebrities are delving into throwback makeup looks as well. However, what sets Grammy-nominated singer Halsey apart is their adept ability to marry the old with the new, creating something timeless yet contemporary.

A Denim Wash for the Eyes

Their recent Instagram story featured a look that does just that: a “washed denim” light blue eyeshadow that bridges the gap between past and present. The eyeshadow shade was an unmistakable homage to pop icons like Britney Spears, yet there was something new and invigorating about it.

This particular aesthetic, dubbed the “washed denim” trend, has distanced itself from the icy blue eyeshadows of yesteryears. It’s softer, more nuanced, and far less sparkly. The inspiration? The variable shades of blue that exist in worn denim. Gone are the days of the frosty, ice queen blues; what we see now is an evolution, a more mature take that somehow feels fresh but familiar.

The Maven of Modern Glam

Halsey, renowned for their chameleon-like artistry that spans not only music but also style, is just the right muse to introduce this subtle yet striking trend. One could argue they were channeling earlier vibes, reminiscent of their recent historical fashion endeavors, like the regencycore updo inspired by the early 1800s, or their 1960s apricot-hued blowout. But the light blue eyeshadow moment is a standout, marking a point in the continuity of beauty trends where the past is not merely replicated but innovatively transformed.

About-Face in Focus

It wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Halsey turns to their beauty brand, About-Face, to craft this distinct look. Since its launch in January 2021, About-Face has become a repository for bold yet wearable makeup, from eye paints to glitter and neon eyeliners. While the brand initially captured attention with its vibrant shades, the recent Nude Beach collection indicates a shift towards a more comprehensive palette. The collection, an array of nude shades designed to suit all skin tones, captures the zeitgeist of inclusive beauty.

Astrology Meets Aesthetics

About-Face’s Nude Beach collection also leans into Halsey’s love for astrology, a design perspective that could potentially influence their future makeup looks. Halsey views astrology not just as a spiritual practice but as a lens through which physical attributes, like striking Scorpio eyes, can be highlighted and balanced through makeup.

What’s Next FOr Halsey?

Halsey’s penchant for trend forecasting bodes well for the future. Unlike their approach to music, where they purposefully sidestep current trends to maintain originality, their beauty endeavors are keenly aligned with what’s happening now — and what’s about to happen. Given the rapid churn of beauty trends, one wonders what’s next on their agenda. Will Halsey revert to the “latte makeup” trend that’s currently sweeping TikTok or are they setting their sights on something even more groundbreaking?

For now, their light blue eyeshadow look serves as a lesson in beauty evolution. Halsey shows us that reinventing a classic doesn’t necessarily mean radical alteration; sometimes, it’s about nuanced shifts that make the old new again.

In a beauty landscape rife with fleeting trends, it’s refreshing to witness a look that both nods to the past and signals the future. With Halsey at the helm, the boundaries of beauty continue to be blurred, taking us on a journey through time, back and forth, yet always moving forward.