Grace Davies

Grace Davies Releases New Ep ‘i wonder if you wonder’

Grace Davies has had an incredible run this past year with the release of singles like “i met a boy online” and most recently, “roots.” Now, she shared her eagerly-awaited EP, i wonder if you wonder, this past week featuring production from Frances, Gil Lewis, LOSTBOY, and several others.

The six-track offering contains pre-release singles like “testosterone” and “toothbrush,” which rose to acclaim earlier this year. i wonder if you wonder is a follow-up to 2020’s commercially successful release of Friends with the Tragic, which gave us fan-favorites such as “Just A Girl” and “Invisible” amongst many more. With this release, she displays astounding progress since she embraced the journey into releasing independently.

“The songs are the six stages of a relationship going wrong; I’m looking for love, finding it, losing it. The EP captures my many emotions – happy, sad, angry, upset, feeling lost, grief. I get progressively worse until I finally reach the ‘fuck you’ stage. Hahaha!” She adds, “The concept came after the songs, which were written a few years apart. I realized that if I put them in a particular order, they would tell a story, but really they’re just ballads about my still tragic life.” Listen to Grace Davies’ project below.

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