Funbi Unveils New Single “My Intentions”

Acclaimed Nigerian R&B singer and songwriter Funbi is back with a new perspective and a highly anticipated new single. Produced by hitmaker and long-time collaborator Spax, “My Intentions” showcases a different side of the rising artist.

Speaking on his upcoming new music, he shares, “I have evolved, I am now more accepting of my emotions, more honest about my feelings and not ashamed about it. I’m not trying to hide anything anymore, I’m taking the consequences as they come, just in a space where I am free. Keeping these emotions in is negative, you become congested and uncomfortable, it’s time to open up.”

Now, 2021 is seeing the return of an evolved and driven Funbi. His upcoming releases revolve around the themes of love, lust, and longing for connections; and will give his dedicated fans insight to where Funbi has been for the past 2 years.

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