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Full Crate Chats With Us About His Debut Album ‘A Kid From Yerevan’

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Full Crate Photography by Banvoa IMG_4506

Immersed in a vast palette of sound and emotion, multi-disciplinary artist Full Crate embarks on an intimate odyssey with his debut album, A Kid From Yerevan. Released via his own imprint, 85 Oceans, the album is a sonic tapestry that reflects on his journey as an immigrant child and the man he’s become.

Known for his long list of collaborations with renowned artists, Full Crate’s artistic prowess extends beyond producing and spinning records. The debut album presents him as a triple threat, as he takes up the mantle of singer, writer, and producer for all twelve songs on the project. A collection of collaborative symphonies, the album features talents such as Lola Vialet & Uhmeer, Malia, Jordyn, Niyah Delenn, BJ The Chicago Kid, Qris Davis, Dende, and Siham, adding diverse layers to the music.

A Kid From Yerevan is an auditory journey through the cities Full Crate has called home—Armenia, Moscow, Amsterdam, and LA. The record weaves warm, romantic soundscapes touching on themes of self-love, imposter syndrome, and acceptance, offering listeners a range of experiences from soulful slow jams to vulnerable tracks addressing personal insecurities. Full Crate’s DJ roots shine through in dancefloor-ready cuts, culminating in a touching tribute to the Armenian capital in the closing track. “City of Yerevan.”

The album coincides with Full Crate’s maiden headline tour, accompanied by a live band across four cities: Hamburg, London, Gent, and Amsterdam. Fort he musician, it’s more than just an album—it’s a testament to his evolution as an artist, a journey of discovery, and an intimate glimpse into his creative soul.

Text Me When You Get Home ft. Lola Vialet & Uhmeer

Not only is this the first song of the album it is also the song that represents the start of my musical journey at the age of 6…classical music. I wrote and composed the intro strings and opera-like vocals as a light hint to where my journey started. Once the song starts it takes us to the future of where I am now. 

Its inspiration was a date I went on in NYC, when at the end of the night the girl got into her Uber and I told her to “text me when you get home”. She did, and it was wonderful not only knowing that she is safe but also knowing that she was into me like I was into her. We had a wonderful time and that was the inspiration for this song. I have written the record with Uhmeer & Lola at Jazzy Jeff’s “Playlist studio”. 

City Of Yerevan ft. Siham

I’ve been having a recurring dream for over 10 years that I am back home in the city that I grew up, Yerevan. The dream is so intense and vivid that I truly believe that I’m there and everything is very colorful, and I feel overly emotional to the point of crying in my dream. But then I wake up and realize that I’m not back home and I’m in a different place which makes me feel really heartbroken. This song is the exact description from beginning to end of how my dream feels. 

Siham’s voice is a call of a siren, my city that’s calling me back. I really enjoyed using traditional Armenian instruments and compositions for this song. This song represents my roots and the sound of my culture! 

Beh Beh

This song was for sure the catalyst for this album. It’s the first song I had written for the album before even knowing there was gonna be one. 

I wrote this right after a breakup of my long-term relationship that crushed me at the time and was an eye-opening time in my life. It’s inspired by a conversation my partner at the time and I had after we broke up, about how we are both gonna be okay and that sometimes you just gotta go in your own direction in life. 

Do They Know 

I wrote this song as a message to the world….a world that sometimes forgets that us artists and creatives are human too! Do they know all the things I go through in my real life, while on social media it’s all fun and tours and success? Do they know the struggles? I wanted to be vulnerable about it! 

It’s a song, more so a request, for people to be more kind to each other. Writing this one with Ayoni has truly been an incredible experience! This was the first song I wrote after moving to LA. 

Show Her The Way

This song has so many layers to it for me. It’s a story about being with someone that not only understands me but also gives me the freedom to fully be myself. 

On top of that working on a song with BJ The Chicago Kid has deff been on top of my list! Not only did he bless the song with an amazing hook, but he was also part of the harmonies around my vocals which meant a lot to me! 

This song is like my superstar team! It’s a duet with BJ The Chicago Kid! I have the legendary JMO on guitar and incredible PocketQueen on drums and amazing Aabo on bass! Working with all of them has been truly a blessing.