Published: February 8, 2022

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

Formi: Everyday Haircare For Shape and Movement

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Meet Formi Hair, an emerging Australian-based label loved for its good-quality hair products while remaining eco-conscious of the environment. The haircare goods are packed with nourishing ingredients that highlight the label’s focus on creating shape, color, and movement. Founded by mega influencer Laura Jade Stone and Ben Kearney, the brand has been several years in the making and recently launched its first collection.

Designed to strengthen, repair, nourish and protect, the Texturising Sea Mist is formulated with Vitamin B5 and Oleic Acid to name a few. The ingredients work together to create effortless volume and enhance natural waves while sealing the cuticle for humidity-resistant hair. On the other hand, Formi’s Heat Protector Mist is enriched with nourishing and protective proteins and oils that protect against heat damage. In regards to choosing these products for the initial launch, Laura shares that it “came down to necessity for what my friends, family and I most want and use for their hair routines.”

To accompany the mists, the haircare label also unveiled their Ergo Barrel Brush—a unique, ergonomic bristle brush that creates shape and makes hair shine. To find out more about Formi, we had the pleasure of chatting with Laura about her own routine, hair tips, and more.

Congratulations on the recent launch of FORMI. Tell us, what made you decide to create your own brand?

Thank you so much! My Mum, my partner Ben and I have been working on this for so long now and it’s such a relief to be able to finally share Formi with everyone.  

Creating and owning my own brand is something I’ve wanted since I was a little girl. Back then I actually wanted to own my own fashion magazine haha. As I grew older and especially in the last five or so years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with so many amazing beauty and fashion brands and I really was able to form a clear picture and idea of something that would not only express myself but I had a strong interest in and that became the birth of Formi.

What are the key steps to finding a good hair routine?

The first step and by far the most important: find out your hair type! Next time you’re with your hairdresser make sure to ask, generally they’ll know your hair better than you and with that, you’ll be able to make much better choices in what products will be the right fit and when is the right time to use them.  It’s all about keeping your hair healthy and nourished. Ask how often you should be washing your hair—overwashing is a killer!—and the best way for you personally to use any heat tools.  I always use oils, hair masks, and just be gentle with your hair

How has your routine changed or developed since launching Formi?

I’ve been working on Formi for three years now and in that time, a lot!  It’s been such a steep learning curve in what ingredients we wanted to include and exclude in our Formi products and in that I’ve become so much more mindful in what I put into my hair. I used to not realize how important heat protection treatments were either and my hair suffered badly as I was styling it so often for work, so that has been a massive change and I use our Heat Protection mist nearly every day now.

What was the creative process of creating the Heat Protector Mist and Texturizing Sea Mist? When is it more appropriate to use one over the other?

Creating our Sea Mist and Heat Protector Mist really came down to necessity for what my friends, family and I most want and use for their hair routines. We do have some other amazing things that we’ve been working on but these two are my daily’s and were our initial passion along with our ergo barrel brush.  

While they can and should be used together as a perfect pair when styling they both are complete individuals and have their own purpose and reasoning. Our Texturizing Sea Mist is so easy to spray into your hair anytime at all you’re after a bit of volume and control, not only will the amazing scent follow you around all day and night, you can’t even feel it in your hair which has been a massive gripe of mine with other sea mists previously. The heat protector is a must before any heat tool styling including blow-drying; it’s packed with goodies to protect and help you for that perfect style.

Can you share with us your number one self-care tip you live by?

Like so much of the world, I’ve realized the absolute importance of my own mental health.  It all starts on the inside and while this sounds so simple, I’ve found the only way for me to feel happy and healthy on the outside is to first focus on the inside. It’s so strange that you always seem to focus on your mental health when things are going well and you’re happy but you tend to neglect it and forget about it when things aren’t.

When I notice I’m down I go back to the basics of finding simple things to clear my mind and just breathe, take some time out and spend time with my loved ones. So just always be aware of how you are feeling and when you need some time out.

What does beauty mean to you? Has that changed from when you’re younger to now being an adult?

I struggled a lot with my own image and comparing myself to others when I was younger that left me in a pretty bad place at times. Working in an industry where your image is the main focus can be hard but as I’ve gotten older you realize that beauty is so much more than the surface 

It’s about feeling good, happy, healthy, confident, and being kind to others. So yes it’s changed significantly over the years. 

In regards to navigating the hair industry, what are you most excited about for the coming months?

Formi has so many exciting things coming in 2022! What I’m most excited about in the next few months is just to keep building our growing Formi community, we can’t wait to see returning customers once people get to experience our products and build trust in the brand and what we’re doing.

Keep an eye on our IG @formihair for some super exciting announcements about some amazing new products too over the next few months.

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