Published: August 15, 2022

Last Updated: August 13, 2022

Italian Beauty Label Espressoh Infuses Coffee Into Its Makeup Products

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Rising beauty brand Espressoh pulls inspiration cup of coffee, so much to the point where products boast a java aroma. Equipped with a variety of effective mix and match products, the label is comprised of beauty essentials crafted in Italy such as mascara, concealer, skin tint, blush, eyeshadow, and more.

The OHMYGLOW Skin Tint provides light to medium buildable coverage enriched with active and natural ingredients like vitamin C, caffeine, and water sea and algin, the latter of which contains toning and anti-pollution properties. It comes in four shades and dons a natural glowy effect for all-day wear. Meanwhile, the ABC Concealer—short for Addictive, Blending, Caffeinated—is thin and elastic that provides a lifting effect on the under-eye area, effectively hiding dark circles. Similar to the skin tint, Espressoh’s concealer has four shades that span from light to deep dark.

One of the brand’s bestsellers, the Glassy Blush has been praised for its transparent shade for every skin tone. The pH reagent formula reacts with the pH of your skin transforming it into a dewy blushing tint. Key ingredients include caffeine, which provides an extra boost and hydration for your skin, and alkyl dimethicone, used on dry skin as a nourishing balm.

Elsewhere, Espressoh’s hi_liner is an intense black liquid eyeliner that features a felt tip or a precise and easy application in just one swipe. For best results, keep the tip down to maintain the brush wet, and apply light pressure for thin lines or more pressure for heavier lines. Ingredients like castor oil aid make this formula water resistant, smudge and transfer proof. The eyeshadow palette, dubbed SWEETandSOUR, contains four colors: nude “Amaretto,” deep brown “Moka,” silver-clear “Spritzy,” and brick red “Tabasco.” The buildable product can be applied with fingers or brush with a powder to cream texture.

For statement-making lip color, the Aroma Lipstick is an intense, deep color enriched with an addictive coffee flavor. Available in 9 rich pigments, the lipstick offers shades like “Capriccio,” “Rossoh,” “Lemon-A-Me,” “Toasted,” and more. It’s infused with coffee arabica seed oil, leaving the lips nourished and moisturized. The Bohlmy, on the other hand, is a limited-edition lip gloss available only bundled with the brand’s mascara and cleanser.

Espressoh’s Ohily oil-to-milk cleanser is a super gentle formula and makeup remover that helps cut through the oils and build-up in your makeup. Infused with almond, hibiscus, wheat germ, and soybean oil, the product is designed to soothe without causing redness or irritation, which is good for sensitive skin. The label recommends that you massage it all over the face, applying 2-3 pumps for light makeup and 4-5 plumps for heavier makeup. You can follow up with the Dewy Latte, a water-based moisturizer and glow booster, or your moisturizer of choice.

Retailing between $20 to $33 USD, you can shop the full range on Espressoh’s website.

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