Published: November 8, 2021

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

Empire Jewelers IS READY For The X-Mas Season

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Empire Jewelers specializes in custom jewelry. “You imagine it, we bring it to life!” is the motto they go by. And they do just that; as long as you can imagine it, they will make it happen. Their Instagram showcases a variety of custom pieces they’ve done for countless clients. Some of these pieces include a massive “Mufasa” piece done for Fatboy SSE with over 30 carats of diamonds and his actual face tattoos on the piece itself. Another unique piece is the “Stoned Spongebob” piece made for Supreme Patty. In which Spongebob is holding a joint and clearly intoxicated with strung-out red eyes.

Their unique pieces show how creative you can get with Empire Jewelers when designing your piece. Moreover, along with custom jewelry, Empire Jewelers has a big selection of luxury timepieces and watches. These include names like Rolex, Cartier, AP, Hublot, and so on. These are to name a few. Empire Jewelers are willing to ice out any timepiece that their customers bring in.

They like to claim that they supply more than half of the city with their grillz, proclaiming themselves as “Houston’s Jewelers. They specialize in diamond grillz and have some of the best settings in the game. From Honeycomb, Invisible, to even Hybrid setting! They work with all metals and much more.