Empara Mi

Empara Mi Unveils Powerful Visuals “Saving All My Love”

Today, fast-rising songstress Empara Mi shares her cinematic visual effort for “Saving All My Love.” The Ash-directed video clocks in at just over three minutes as Empara expands her contemporary pop production with danceable beats.

Regarding the video and song Empara Mi says, “I worked with an amazing girl called Ash who directed the video for ‘Saving All My Love’. We both share a love of beautiful sentiments and meaningfulness behind our videos, so we wanted to create something that could be colourful and bold but still tell the story we wanted to tell through the movement.

She continued: “I’ve never released anything like ‘Saving All My Love’ before. Quarantining back home gave me the time and discipline I needed to challenge myself and hone in different types of production I haven’t tried before. I originally wrote this track on piano but it never felt finished. I’ve always thought that there was something beautiful about a sad song you can dance to, so that’s where I wanted to take it.”

“Saving All My Love” is Empara Mi’s first so release since her mini-album Suitcase Full Of Sins, which arrived at the top of 2020. Furthermore, the project recently received a limited-edition vinyl, available to purchase exclusively from her website here. Immerse in the video below.

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