Duchi Da Vinchi: Pittsburgh’s Fast-Rising Star

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It’s rare that you come across an artist like Duchi Da Vinchi. The self-coined space-boy has found himself with a cult-like following that marvels at his extraordinary persona. After establishing himself through songs like “Kings” and “Lo-Fi,” it’s easy to see that Duchi is poised to be one of the brightest music stars in the galaxy.

The boundless creative, whose fashion statements demand all attention even amid the biggest stars, is hard to draw comparisons to. Summarizing initial reviews, his music lives at the crossroads of pain and ecstasy, like a mix between XXXtentacion and The Weeknd. Although, don’t let the comparisons fool you, Duchi Da Vichi is a pioneering a sound that generatiosn to come will remember.

In our recent interview with the wonderful Duchi Da Vinchi, we chatted with the artist about growing up, carving his own lane within the music industry and fashion, as well as his new single with Asian Doll. Check it out below.

Walk me through your childhood, what was it like growing up for you?

My mom and grandma raised me in Pittsburgh. Me and my friends would just run wild outside all day, but I knew when the street lights came on it was time to get my ass inside. We watched Disney Channel OD, I was really into seeing kids my age in entertainment. Music was the dream though, and even though I went to the same high school as Wiz and Mac, it’s still Pittsburgh at the end of the day, and if you wanna make it in music, you gotta be really resourceful and learn how to make stuff happen on your own.

What’s your writing process like when you’re putting together songs?

It’s always me and my brother, Kids of the Forest, creating without judgement. For me, the vibes always flow best when no one else is around to hold me back from experimenting with creativity, whether it’s different sounds, voices, or lyrics. Just give me a lil’ wine or tequila and the space to say whatever the fuck I want, and we gonna come with somethin’ crazy!

You recently dropped “Lonely Fuck” with Asian Doll, how did that collaboration come about? What made her a good fit for the record in your eyes?

Let’s start off by saying that me and Asian are like brother and sister, and it was way past due for us to release a record! It’s not the first song we’ve made together but it is the first one that the world gets to hear. When I got the chorus and verse down, I knew I needed a girl to deliver their side of the story… like, who’s not gonna be afraid to give that real uncensored shit… Asian Asian Asian! And I think she kinda showed a different side of herself so I was really excited about that too! 

Where does your inspiration and creativity stem from when it comes to recording music? Has it changed much since the pandemic began?

My inspiration comes from the people I’m around and scenarios that are playing out in my life. With that said, I gotta stay active as possible because, without a life to be lived, there’s no music to be made. Regarding the pandemic, I’ve just tried to stay aware of how other people’s lives are being affected. For better or for worse, music hits differently in times of struggle. That’s when legends are made. 

Not only are you thriving in music, but the fashion realm has always seemed to be one of your talents. What is it about clothing and personal style do you feel empowers you as a performer and an artist?

Music and fashion intersect for me. If you don’t have a fashion sense, I feel like it’s really hard for you to succeed in the music business because everything is so visual nowadays. I guess I’m lucky I’ve always had an eye for fashion and understand the importance because it’s a big piece of the artist puzzle that a lot of people are still trying to find haha. 

Whether it be music or fashion, can you paint a scenario of your dream collaboration for us?

Justin Bieber or Billie Eilish. I just feel like my spirit connects with their angelic voices. I still get chills every time I hear them sing. Fashion-wise: Prade, Louie, Gucci, and so on. All the big, well-known brands, but I also really fuck with up and coming designers like Colleen Allen. Her shit different and super futuristic, which fits my vibe.

In terms of legacy, what are your short-term and long-term goals?

Short term, release music that I love and hope the world fucks with it, which I know they will! I’d really like to be a household name in the industry for doing things differently and the way that I want. Have a number one song within the next year or two. Go on tour in 2021 and brand partnerships and endorsement deals with some of the names I mentioned earlier. Also, walk some runways for NYFW. Long term, start a fashion line, vegan food trucks, sold-out global stadium tours, and a foundation for young creatives in communities with little opportunity. Oh, and definitely some Grammys because I’ma be a fucking legend!

What message would you give to all your day-one fans out there? In contrast, what would you tell your haters?

To the fans: ya’ll keep me high! I’ma always show love! Haters? We don’t pay them no mind.

What else do you have in the pipeline for 2020, and even coming into 2021?

Two more singles, both of which are a little different for me. “Might Crash,” which we have some crazy strategy for the release. That drops on Nov. 12th and “6 AM,” which drops on December 3rd. Keep your eyes and ears open! And my debut music video which is out is outta here, and a surprise that nobody will see coming, but you gotta wait on that.

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