Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron Preps Her Debut Album With “Breakfast”

After being teased on TikTok in the months leading up to its release, Dove Cameron‘s new single “Breakfast” is finally out now. The song serves as the second single from her forthcoming debut studio album, slated to release later this year.

In the chorus, Dove sings, “I eat boys like you for breakfast / One by one, hung on the necklace / If they’ll always be mine / It makes me feel alive.” In the latter of the song, the singer-songwriter croons, “I’m sick, yeah I’m sick / And honestly, I’m getting high off it / And do you wanna see a magic trick.”

“Breakfast” follows the release of Dove Cameron’s smash hit “Boyfriend,” which amassed nearly six million likes on the singer’s TikTok video teasing the track. The record, which highlights her queerness, was subsequently released in February and gained over 26 million YouTube views. Speaking on the song, Dove shared, “I am so immensely happy to have this song and this part of me out in the world. I hope you feel access to yourself when you listen to it too.” Both records pave the way for Cameron’s new full-length project, which has not yet been announced.

Listen to “Breakfast” below.

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