Doja Cat Shaved Eyebrows

Doja Cat Debuts Shaved Eyebrows at Victoria’s Secret’s The Tour ’23

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Doja Cat Shaved Eyebrows

New York City was buzzing on September 6. The pink carpet rolled out, marking the launch of Victoria’s Secret’s big event: “The Tour ’23.” It wasn’t just another runway show but the return of the iconic angel wings. As celebrities poured in, two big names shone the brightest: Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel.

But all eyes quickly turned to Doja Cat. The “Kiss Me More” rapper, known for her bold style, did not disappoint. She wore a simple black dress that hugged her figure, paired with cute kitten heels. It might sound basic, but it was anything but. What really made heads turn was her hair and makeup.

With her new bleached hair, Doja went all out with her eye makeup. She used heavy black eyeliner that made her icy-blue contacts pop. On top of that, she rocked a blue eyeshadow that reminded many of the 90s. It stretched high, going beyond where her eyebrows used to be. Yep, she had no eyebrows that night. Instead, she chose to highlight her eyes even more with silver eyeshadow.

Her lips had a style of their own. She wore light beige lipstick, but what stood out was the dark brown liner around them. It created a cool, old-school look. And if you looked closely, a tiny black gem was between her front teeth. It gave the illusion she had a gap, adding a playful touch.

Meanwhile, Doja’s eyes were the real show-stopper, though. Her contacts were wild. They were mostly black but had white rings close to the pupil. It made her eyes look like a maze, grabbing attention and not letting go.

Everyone at the event got a quick look at what’s to come in “The Tour ’23.” But the real deal? It airs on Amazon Prime on September 26. If Doja Cat’s look at this kickoff event is a hint, then fashion and music fans are in for a treat.