Desduné Unveils New Single “Work It Out”

Los Angeles singer-producer combo Desduné releases his outrageously funky debut single “Work It Out.” The artist, who, in addition to being Regina King’s son, is a celebrity chef and painter, is finally debuting in an industry that he’s been attached to for quite some time — just not in the facet of an artist. With that in mind, “Work it Out” is a groundbreaking release — one that eschews fitting into popular sounds in favor of forging something completely original.

“Work It Out” is the first release from Desduné’s forthcoming project, clementine. It consists of just four songs that cover bits and pieces of genres that inspire him. What it will fully entail is a mystery, and that’s what makes him so interesting. Check out “Work It Out” below.

In other music news, Kipp Stone drops off his new EP, Faygo Baby.

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