Deb Fan Press Photo

Published: May 26, 2023

Last Updated: May 25, 2023

Deb Fan Gives Us a Track-By-Track Breakdown of Her New EP ‘Gemini Moon’

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Deb Fan Press Photo

Unveiling her powerful debut to the world, Hong Kong-born, Los Angeles-based artist and producer Deb Fan steps into the music scene with her compelling EP, Gemini Moon. With a dual-natured exploration of both cultural and personal dimensions, this tour de force offers a uniquely introspective view into her journey, embodying the resilience and vulnerability of an artist who has experienced the highs and lows of heartbreak.

Written and produced in the sanctuary of her Los Angeles bedroom, Gemini Moon paints a captivating story of self-discovery and loss. Fan deftly explores the complexity of being a woman in a traditional Chinese household and her evolution into an artist unafraid to express her duality. “The project was written from a place that is half realistic, and half delusion, Gemini Moon taking into account all perspectives,” Fan elucidates, thus capturing the essence of her transformation through her journey from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

The cinematic quality of Gemini Moon enhances the EP’s immersive narrative, with each track offering a distinct emotional state. It journeys through numbness in “Run My Mind” while navigating the terrains of love and lust in “Rules,” traverses the depths of depression in “Pull My Hair,” delves into delusion in “Thru & Thru,” and confronts anger in “Three Nights.” Each track unravels a piece of Fan’s world, inviting listeners to engage with her existential quest of understanding her purpose in life.

As Deb Fan continues to navigate the crossroads of personal and artistic discovery, the musician’s work proves that her career and the rhythm of her music are aligned, much like the synchrony between the moon and the tides. Below, Fan walks us through each song in detail from the six-track EP.

Thru & Thru”

“Thru & Thru” represents my delusional side after a spiritual awakening. Though I was aware of the recurring patterns around myself and within my relationship at the time, I chose to go against what the universe was telling me since I was content and happy with the current situation. This delusion is summarized in the first line: “I’ve seen it through and through, not ready, but I’ve got you. I feel the stars unalign, I’ll make the stars come align for you.”


“Rules” reflects a more passionate side of the relationship. I describe wanting to be wanted throughout the entire song, craving for it as the relationship started to falter. I constantly give more and more of myself and am nearly begging for that attention to be returned.

“Pull My Hair”

I fell back into depression over the past few years, and I’m still constantly trying to find a balance between my mental health and my relationships. “Pull My Hair” represents the unbalanced power dynamic within the relationship I was in. As resentment started to build up, both of our feelings were left unheard and unseen, which led me to spiral into a deeper depression.

“Run My Mind”

In “Run My Mind,” I acknowledged the state of my partner at the time and expressed deeply how their actions or inaction had directly affected both myself and our relationship. I give myself permission to let the relationship continue to consume me.

“Three Nights”

I’ve always had trouble with space, and I always seem to find myself with emotionally avoidant partners. When I would find myself on the receiving end of “no contact,” I turned to spending nights alone, pulling my hair out and staring at the ceiling. In “Three Nights” I attempt to reconcile with my feelings as I bring this EP to a close.

“Rules (Acoustic)”

A softer version of “Rules.” The different arrangement gives this piece a more passionate feel.