Dean Mitchell

Dean Mitchell Unveils Her Debut Single “Hold Me Down”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Dean Mitchell makes a promising debut with her cheeky new single “Hold Me Down.” The flirty record arrives alongside an accompanying visual and dons production by Lost Boy.

“Love me like springtime, baby, you’ll be my light / Take me to the deep end, you don’t gotta be polite,” Dean sings. The ethereal instrumental highlights the songstress’ lush and powerful vocal capabilities, which serves as a formal introduction as she claims a new space in the genre. Elsewhere, in the record’s chorus, she continues, “Can you hold me down? I could act nice if you get the mood right / Can you hold me down? Let my wild side out in the moonlight.”

Dreamy and ambitious, Dean Mitchell’s forthcoming records wade through heavy emotions with a lighthearted resiliency typical of a Cancer. The enigmatic songstress feels at home in the genre-less landscape of today’s music and offers her unique talent to listeners who also feel like “chameleons”—always a little out of place and hard to pin down. Listen to “Hold Me Down” below.

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