Published: February 25, 2021

Last Updated: August 5, 2022

DMV Heavy Hitter Dayon Greene Is Poised To Make It Out

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Fast-rising rapper and singer-songwriter Dayon Greene is poised to be the DMV’s breakout star. Through a series of singles like “Big Steppa” and “Commas,” he has proved to be one of the most sonically dynamic, versatile, up-and-coming hip-hop artists in the game.

Following the release of his funk-fueled EP All For You?, Dayon Greene has been steadily building a reputation as the crowd-pleasing showman. With his irresistibly bouncy sound on full display Dayon’s music is a seamless blend of hip-hop, funk, and R&B, all in one. His first full-length album Me and lead singles, “Life Bid” and “Free,” perfectly showcase his versatility and sonic capabilities as an artist. 

In our latest interview, we chatted with Dayon Greene about making his mark in music, DMV upbringing, and new music to name a few topic. Read the conversation with the championed lyricist below!

For anyone who’s not familiar with you, who is Dayon Greene in your own words?

There are many facets to who I am, I’m Dayon the artist, Dayon the man, Dayon the son, Dayon the friend. None of which are mutually exclusive. But in short, I’m an artist from the DMV who loves making music. I care about my supporters and genuinely cherish the fact that I can make musical moments that others resonate with.

How did you gravitate towards creating music and who were some of your early musical influences?

My earliest and fondest memories are all music-centric. I grew up on a fusion of cultures—Go-Go culture and church culture. For anyone who isn’t familiar, Go-Go is a subgenre of funk and was birthed in D.C. Early on, I remember watching my dad play at shows and in the church, all of which shaped me musically. That’s where many of the funk elements I incorporate in my music originate. From playing the drums in the sanctuary to singing in the choir, music was and still is my heartbeat.

As a DMV-native it’s part of my roots and story, which is why D.C. legend Chuck Brown is one of my many early musical influences, along with Hip-Hop and R&B icons like D’Angelo, Biggie, and Mase.

Being from the DMV, how would you say that shaped you as both a person and artist?

Where I’m from has shaped me in so many ways. When you think about it, from birth onward, everything about where a person calls home, musically and otherwise plays a huge role in who they are. From a person’s sound to the way they approach crafting their story as a songwriter, all the little details give hints and clues as to what the inspiration behind why a person does what they do is. And with me being from the DMV, it’s no different.

Having been blessed to grow up in both PG County and the suburbs of Southern Maryland, I learned a lot about who I am as an individual and an artist. With PG being one of the most affluent Black communities in America, it carries a spirit of grit and hard work. Growing up there taught me that nothing in life is handed to you, but by remaining tenacious, opportunities flow.

Spending time in Southern Maryland on the other hand changed my perspective on a lot of things. Being exposed to different cultures, especially at school, made room for new things and new thoughts. Both of these places coupled with my experiences in D.C. and Virginia are a big part of my story and continue to shape my sound.

Who or what inspires your work?

Life is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. From films and songs to conversations with friends, all of it drives me to create and tell stories in the way that best comes naturally to me. After all, life is an imitator of art just as art is an imitator of life.

Although you’re very early in your career, what would you like to achieve over the course of the next few years?

There’s so much I look forward to achieving. From music to cooking to soccer, the next few years will really be a time of great exploration, for me and those who support my journey as an artist. A little bit of this and a lot of that.

With your debut project Me in the rearview, what’s next for you musically?

This year in particular is all about dropping a lot more music and other content. I have so much coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned. I’m excited to share some of the new things I’ve been working on real soon.

In your own words, what makes you an artist to watch in 2021?

The music I make tells a story. Much like how a page is part of a chapter, and that chapter, part of a book, every song I create, every word that I write is purposely orchestrated to garner feelings in the listener. My music is an experience filled with memories and moments that are particular to the way I approach music.

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