Danielle Guizio x Levi's

Everything You Need To Know About Danielle Guizio’s Levi’s Collection

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Danielle Guizio x Levi's

NY-based designer Danielle Guizio has collaborated with the iconic American label Levi’s to create the Levi’s x GUIZIO collection. The partnership revitalizes Levi’s iconic fabric into contemporary items, such as denim corsets and cropped jackets, which are all the rage among today’s fashion-forward women.

The result is a capsule collection that uses recycled Levi’s denim to strike a balance between “elegance and comfort, romance and classic heritage style.” The six-piece collection has a lace-up back denim corset, a denim jacket with ultra-cropped flared sleeves and bright rhinestone embellishment, and two denim miniskirts that are only available from Guizio. Both the front and back of the second skirt are covered with a flowery patchwork design in the same tone as the first.

Speaking on the new drop, Guizio shares, “This collection is very meaningful to me. It symbolizes something I’ve been working toward for years. It symbolizes growth and hard work. The garments themselves tell a story of celebrating the sacristy of women and embracing the divine feminine that is.” The designer adds, “The polarity of the denim fitted corsets and baggy oversized fit denim showcase the versatile elements to our modern-day women.”

The Levi’s® x GUIZIO collection, priced between $280 and $368 USD, is currently available on the Levi’s App, Levi’s website, as well as Danielle Guizio’s website.