Curated Luke Gomm

Published: November 1, 2023

Last Updated: October 29, 2023

Curated: Luke Gomm Shares The Perfect ‘With Love’ Playlist

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Curated Luke Gomm

In this rendition of “Curated,” the spotlight is on London’s Luke Gomm, who recently released his EP With Love. The project blends R&B, electronic, and alt-pop, unraveling the stages of a romantic relationship.

Separating itself from the musician’s debut EP, With Love further showcases Luke’s ability to narrate through music. It introduces a medley of four songs, including “Arcade Nights” and “Lately.” From the cheerful vibes featured in “Sunshine In My Eyes” to the introspective “Another Day,” each track explores a facet of love.

Regarding the project, Luke explains, “For me, this EP is a story that follows different phases of a relationship. The push and pull of establishing a new connection. Through a blend of R&B, electronic, and alt-pop, I explore themes such as adolescence, spontaneity, excitement, infatuation, boundaries, lust, date nights, doubt, growth, and wholehearted love.”

Luke’s “Curated” playlist includes a mix of tracks that reflect his wide-ranging musical taste. With energetic beats from KAYTRANADA and Amine, creative tunes by Nia Archives, and profound lyrics from Kendrick Lamar, the curation offers a varied auditory experience. Each track adds a unique touch, echoing the themes that the artist explores in his EP.

Kaytranada, Aminé & Pharrell – “4EVA”

The reason I’m inspired by this song is because it combines dance music and rnb in a seamless fashion. It makes me want to dance and lets me feel strong emotions at the same time.

Labrinth – “100 Miles An Hour”

My friend showed me this album, and I quickly gravitated toward this song, I love how modern the production style is but how the underlying feeling is still soulful, which makes for a very cool love song. I don’t think I’ve ever heard something quite it before.

Kendrick Lamar – “LOVE.”

I saw Kendrick on tour late last year, and this song was one of the highlights of the set for me as it brings everybody together, and it’s inspiring to hear one of the greatest rappers of all time open up and be vulnerable.

MJ Cole, Piri & Tommy – “Feel It”

This is the cheekiest track I’ve chosen today. I’m a fan of MJ Cole’s production, and I think Piri has an awesome voice & melodies that make for a great collaboration.

I enjoyed playing it on my Beats Pill all summer. It has a light-hearted UK feel that assists you in enjoying your day.

Overmono – “Is U”

This is another one I fell in love with after experiencing it live. It’s more industrial-sounding than any of the other tracks I’ve selected, but that has been juxtaposed with a soulful vocal shop and the progression of the bass line.

Nia Archives – “Luv Like”

I love how fearless and vulnerable this song is. Nia’s vocals are natural and understated, and the double bass mixed with the drum break does it for me. I can see into her world and have empathy with that. It’s one of those vibes that I think only get tapped into when the artist is producing themselves.

Lady Wray – “Piece of Me”

This song hits the soul from the moment you press play. If you haven’t heard it yet, thank me later.

Flight Facilities – “Crave You”

I love the chord progression of this song so much that I ran to the piano and started to play it by ear straight after I heard it. I also think the lyrics and vocal performance on this one are enticing and make me want to listen again and again.