CREASE Studios Debuts New “Astrid” Corset

London-based clothing CREASE Studios introduces the latest addition to their ethical and sustainable corsets, this time in “Astrid.” Taking on all of the classic features of their Nova Corset, the Astrid Corset is accentuating the female silhouette with additional silk straps that create a traditional period neckline that lifts the bust.

Speaking on designs, Kate and Rosemary share, “The shape a corset naturally gives your figure is so sensual and empowering. They enhance your femininity by extenuating your curves and pulling your spine upright. You stand tall and feel powerful in your figure. There’s something very special about being laced into a fully boned corset and seeing the way your shape can instantly change.”

Priced at $958 USD, CREASE Studio’s Astrid Corset is now available for purchase via their website.

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