Cooper Phillip Press Photo RAYDAR

Cooper Phillip Discusses “The Answers” And Creating Music

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Cooper Phillip Press Photo RAYDAR

The time is ripe for the phenomenal powerhouse vocalist Cooper Phillip, who’s currently teasing her ardent fans with an array of riveting singles. The latest one, a collaboration with Durand Bernarr, is a sizzling concoction of Afro-fusion beat drops, kaleidoscopic sounds, and, most importantly, the duo’s impeccable vocal harmony.

Aptly named “The Answers,” the track has taken the R&B scene by storm while also transcending the boundaries into the pop universality, all under a majestic umbrella of sonic architecture. The single, she admits, is a profound discourse on the perils of external validation, a theme that resonates with her personal ethos. The narrative is not only interwoven into the lyrics but also brought to life in the arresting visuals directed by Oluchi Mavi.

Drenched in the breathtaking beauty of desert landscapes, the video offers a cinematic feast, featuring the duo serving looks and exhibiting slick choreography amidst the stunning scenery. The charisma and dynamic chemistry between Cooper and Durand in “The Answers” are undoubtedly compelling. Still, it’s the soulful harmonization and the transcendent vocal performance that truly steal the show. It’s as if the duo is showcasing a masterclass in how to craft a vocal performance that’s not just memorable but also emotionally resonant.

It’s not just about the singles, though. Phillip is amplifying her voice on the global stage, asserting herself as an audacious and boundary-breaking force in the music landscape. The year 2023 promises a string of singles from the singer, signaling the advent of something truly special. As she channels her passion into her music, one thing is clear: Cooper Phillip is just getting started. Stay tuned for much more to come.

Hey Cooper! Your music has an incredibly unique blend of classical Russian and pop influences. Can you share how this explosive combination shapes your distinct sound and your songwriting process?

Hey there, absolutely. I love creating stories. Everything starts from melodies for me, then concepts and thoughts. I love writing with just piano chords. I have a special connection with keys. The vibe and feeling is so important to me. My state of mind and the desire to talk about certain thighs while creating a structure really helps to stay honest.

You’ve journeyed from Russia to New York and LA, all while making big waves in the music scene. How have these adrenaline-fueled experiences molded you as an artist?

It made me more simple and forgiving. Life is a colorful thing, where colors light be changing every day. But what makes me consistent is a desire to creep and have a kind warm open heart no matter what.

Your latest single, “The Answers,” has already amassed over 300K views on YouTube. Can you dive into the inspiration behind this sensational track and tell us about your experience working with Durand?

The experience with Durand was awesome! We clicked immediately the day we met. I wrote the song prior to meeting Durand. Originally the song was written for another artist, but I decided to keep it for myself. The inspiration comes from experience during the pandemic were a lot of people shut down and started to rethink their lives.

The music video for the record showcases stunning desert landscapes and slick choreography. What was the inspiration behind the visuals and how the shoot was like?

Nature was the inspiration. All the answers are the reflection of pure nature. We wanted to showcase beautiful nature and create this visual element.

Looking back at your journey so far, are there any highlights?

Yes. But I have to tell you later about this big highlight cause it’s confidential at the moment.

Having worked in so many male-dominated spaces and through navigating the often complex music industry, how did you assert your presence?

I love working with men and women. It’s about finding the right connection and chemistry and being on the same page. I have never felt dominated by male figures, to be honest.

From live performances to video shoots, I know you spend quite a bit of time working with different MUAs and stylists—what does your everyday glam routine look like?

No glam, ha. I’m shooting so often, so the days off I have, I wear no makeup. It’s my favorite look lately.

Looking ahead, what’s next for you in your career?

New music, tours, and amazing performances.