Rice Krispies

Coffee-Mate Taps Rice Krispies For New Coffee Creamer Flavor

Breakfast giants Nestlé and Kellogg’s recently announced their recent collaborative effort on not only a coffee creamer but a cereal-inspired milk flavor as well!

For coffee lovers alike, Coffee-Mate tapped Rice Krispies Treats for a flavored creamer featuring their signature marshmallow flavor infused with hints of toasted cereal. On the other hand, Nestlé is introducing a Froot Loops Cereal Flavored Milk which couldn’t be any more convenient. Instead of waiting to finish your cereal before you get to the bottom of the bowl with the flavored milk, simply grab yourself a bottle of the Froot Loops milk.

The Rice Krispies creamer will come in a 30-oz bottle while the Froot Loops milk will arrive in a 14-oz bottle. Unfortunately, both are expected to begin rolling out to nationwide retailers in January 2022, with the latter coming in 14-ounce bottles at $1.99 each.

Rice Krispies

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