CLOVES Releases New Music Video “Dead”

Today, Australian artist CLOVES returns with a brand-new single entitled “Dead” along with an accompanying music video. Directed by Daniel Carberry and Carley Cussen, the dark cinematic visual is the first single off of her upcoming conceptual sophomore album due out in 2021. “Dead” represents CLOVES’ newfound direction as fans prepare for her eagerly-awaited project.

“Maybe this song should have a back-up name titled ‘Conversations With Myself. It journeys through anxiety and how that leads to self-depreciating actions. I was in a hard place in myself at the time,” CLOVES states about the record. “I’m very aware that it sounds cliche but I genuinely found creating this track very cathartic; it not only felt like a way for me to express myself and get the heaviness out of my chest, but it also felt like the beginning of something, an opening foundation of an album, and I think the idea of that creative opportunity was equally helpful to me at the time.”

CLOVES’s upcoming sophomore album explores the complexities of mental health, stemming from her own experiences, as they relate to anxiety, depression, and excessive overthinking. Through the album, Kaity creates an aesthetic that encapsulates the world within her own mind with each track on the album representing a different trigger point and stream of consciousness as to how a person can spiral within themselves. Check out “Dead” below.

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