Published: July 29, 2022

Last Updated: August 4, 2022

Claudia Valentina Unveils Her Phenomenal New Song “Sweat”

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Guernsey-born singer-songwriter Claudia Valentina kickstarts a new stage in her artist with the release of “Sweat.”

“Slow down I know you’re getting too excited / If you wanna put your hands on it, beg for it, sweat,” she sings on the sultry cut. In the chorus, Valentina continues, “I’ma make you sweat for me, sweat (Sweat, sweat) / I’ma make you beg for me, sweat (Sweat, sweat, sweat, ah).”

The single serves as a follow-up to previously released songs “C’est la vie” and “Extra Agenda,” which she shared back in March. Prior to that, she shared her self-titled debut EP in 2020. A window into her personality and what’s to come was provided by the project, which saw the singer explore her transition into young womanhood.

Songs such as “4:15” and “Obsessed” were essential in publicly presenting a new facet of her, and they have amassed a total of one million views on YouTube. In the meanwhile, her debut tune “Seven” and “If I’m Being Honest” reveal her more vulnerable side. Since their release, both songs have accumulated over 20 million times around the world.

Listen to Claudia Valentina’s latest single “Sweat” below.