Chxrry22 Unveils Her Debut Single “The Falls”

Today, R&B newcomer Chxrry22 opens a new chapter in her career with the release of her debut musical offering “The Falls.” Hailing from Toronto, but relying on her Ethiopian roots, her sound is a vocal display that language transcends comprehension as long as the sound aligns with shared feelings. “The Falls” details a sense of self-awareness, exploring vulnerability as she tells the story of unapologetic accountability.

“He had me in Niagra Falls, missing all your calls / We was in the moment, losing all control,” she sings over the R&B-laden production. “I’d do it again, ’cause I do what I wanna / I’d do it again, ‘cause baby I got problems,” Chxrry croons elsewhere in the song.

Now, in partnership with XO Records and Republic Records, she aims to uplift her community and inspire people that it is safe and powerful to feel and do what they want. Through music, her audibly captivating vocals set the stage for one of the genre’s most exciting newcomers with more music to come in the future. Listen to Chxrry22’s new single “The Falls” below.

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